Boy, and you thought corporate America was a mess already…

…I got promoted to manager last night, effective (I love this) April 1.

That weird rustling sound you hear is my hair getting pointy.


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  1. argh_jim on

    Are you SURE?

    I suppose if you kill outlive stick around longer than your superiors, eventually you’ll make it to the top.

    Congrats, “boss”. :D

  2. gmhelwig on

    Congratulations. :)

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      They told me this morning while I was getting my weekly ‘grade card’ (another frownie face, no less! XD) I’ll be moving to the 6P-2A shift with my weekend on Tuesday and Wednesday.

      On April Fools’ Day. I love it. XD

  3. avon_deer on

    A lot of NHS projects always seem to go live on that day as well. ;)

  4. jayteeone on

    My manager is an April fool?

    Dude congrats.

  5. cashewlou on

    Congrats! o(:o)

    Now Catbert has 46,212,907 forms for you to fill out.

  6. nsingman on

    Oh, great. Now we have to go check your basement for a pod. :-)


  7. janis_and_co on

    ‘Grats for evolving from a peon.
    Seriously, you deserve it *HUG*

  8. soundwave106 on

    Cool, congrats. And may you always shoo away the spirit of the pointy haired guy. :)

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