I am officially a PHB now.

I had to recommend two of my agents for termination yesterday.


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  1. equinoxx on

    So… you’re sanctioning executions now?

    • Actually, I’m just requesting them, although one turned into a resignation before we could complete the process (see below).

  2. dragonscholar on


    I’m envious you can do that so easily.

    • I really felt nothing about doing it. I didn’t make them not show up for work–as far as I’m concerned, they fired themselves.

      Oh my gawd, I *am* management material! XD

  3. billfl on

    You can’t silence Mulder & Scully that easily! The truth is out there!

  4. surakofb5 on

    Yow. Was their work sub-standard, or did management just want to reduce head count? (in other words, for cause or not?)

    • For cause. One just stopped showing up; the other had run up 6.5 points in absence/tardiness violations in his first two months on the job–and during the first 90 days, the limit is 3 points. He actually showed up today; I got to escort him off the floor. Not bad for my first actual day as a supervisor…

  5. bizarra on

    Totally off the subject…. :-)

    What is your email address? I have something to commiserate with you about. ;)

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