Ow. Bruises are green, too.

Well, my picks took a pummeling Thursday at Augusta.

Since probably no one other than gives a rat’s ass, the Thursday standings for my picks are

Place Name R1 My placement
T15 Tiger Woods 73 / +1 1
T28 Charles Howell III 75 / +3 2
T28 K.J. Choi 75 / +3 3
T28 Chris DiMarco 75 / +3 4
T28 Geoff Ogilvy 75 / +3 5
T43 Phil Mickelson 76 / +4 6
T59 John Rollins 77 / +5 7
T72 Bernhard Langer 78 / +6 8
T75 Robert Allenby 79 / +7 10
T85 Camilo Villegas 80 / +8 9

What’s really weird is that they’re all but the last two in the order I picked ’em…


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  1. cashewlou on

    Gods…I so want Lefty to get his back-to-back !!!Green Jackets!!! (TM), but I have this nagging fear it ain’t gonna happen–four over on Thursday isn’t the end of the world, but it sure doesn’t reflect an A Game being in place, either. It looks to be Tiger’s year, freaking again.

    • Or not. Tiger’s not having a very good time of it this year. Did you see who’s lurking near the top of the leaderboard, though? Zach Johnson. :)

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