Yes, but can he pay his share of the rent?

I got home from work, and my roommate says we had a visitor.

Let’s all say it together. Awwwwww!


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  1. ataniell93 on

    Draco was looking for him?

    • I was thinking about Marc et al. after evicting the poor little thing. He was actually very ‘tame’ (or at least calm). He chittered a little irritably when I picked him up to take him outside, but that was about it. There have been raccoons living in the unused attic over the apartment; he fell through the access panel in my roommate’s closet. He says the other three raccoons looked down at him for a while, then left. I expect they’ll find him and move on tonight.

      But really. Awwwww!

      • ataniell93 on

        Tonight’s “Heroes” has me SO upset, he really helps!

  2. avon_deer on

    Eeek! A Dell keyboard!

  3. jungle_goddess on

    Cute! I’m glad he was all calm and not combative.

  4. cashewlou on

    Okay, that little guy is cute beyond cute.

    I’ll bet Mavis just loved having that little guy around!

    • I don’t think Mavis ever saw him. And if you really want cute, before I got home, he got a picture of the little guy asleep on top of his computer. :)

      • cashewlou on


        I woulda kept him. o(:o)

        (Just kidding. I know wild animals aren’t pets.)

        • It was a near thing anyway. Cirrus just let him lounge about his room until I got home. That was about two hours, between Initial Raccoon Plummet and External Deployment. :)

      • nuveeena on

        *softly* awwwwwwwwwwww!

        he’s sweet! i love raccoons.

        (naturally interesting. see: Bruce Sterling short story “Our Neural Chernobyl”)

  5. bass_o_matic on

    That’s amazing. All I get is antichinus, but they don’t “fall” through the ceiling. They just make nests in various parts of the house/infrastructure/linen cupboards.

    Yes, it’s winter – it’s breeding season. I live in the Australian “bush”, so these things are just a part of it all.

    I should mention Brutus – he’s a 2m (6′) goanna. He is out and about around the summer months, and just loves to get into my trash can. I have never known a lizard to be able to radiate as much attitude as he can when I try to evict him from the verandah (porch?) when he is dedicated to trying to rip open my garbage can to get at what is inside.

  6. bass_o_matic on

    oops – antechinus.

    • Aw! It looks like a kind of mouse!

      • bass_o_matic on

        No. Not a mouse. There were many terms I used for this particular animal when I came back from the US and realised it had demolished my house.

        * They had been through the pantry and eaten a hole in anything that wasn’t metal.
        * They had shredded those plastic grocery bags one accumulates and withdrawn with them to turn said grocery bags into a nest.
        * They preferred Indian Linen to normal cotton weave linen to make a nest.
        * My brand new HP LaserJet appeared to be a perfect home for a new family, until the new family tried 240V on for size (I was very lucky my house didn’t burn down)

        there’s more, but I am still traumatised by it all.. :-)

        I now trap them with a sticky trap, and relocate them anywhere near someone I don’t like.. :-)

  7. ratmmjess on

    Um…it’s cute, certainly, but…dude…NEVER PICK UP A WILD ANIMAL.

    Raccoons carry rabies, among other things.

    • That’s why I used a rag pair of pants to pick him up. He’s adorable, but unknown. And picking him up might make him bitey. I wasn’t so much as scratched.

      • ratmmjess on

        Okay, at least you did that much. But raccoon jaws can go through pants fairly easily. Be careful, okay?

        • Oh, I was. He never laid a paw on me. I had him outside within five minutes of this picture being taken. Although he did let me pet him first, without even flinching or anything. Animals know–some of them do, anyway–when you mean them no harm.

  8. billfl on

    Gyah! Wild animals in the house would freak me the heck out!

    After Animal Control left, I’d probably spend all day spraying the computer with hydrogen proxide or something.

  9. nsingman on


    Handle with care, though.

  10. thistledown on

    What next ? Black Bears ?? :) Just WHAT do you have hiding in the Attic ? :) Or don’t you dare check the roof space out ??? :)

    • I’m just glad it was a cute li’l raccoon kit, and not a ratty old ‘possum. We have those in the city, too. I once mistook one for a cat and was halfway to petting it when it turned around and gave me a dirty look. There’s deer in town, too, at least towards the outerbelt… but I think I’d be more *impressed* if one got in the ceiling space from the outside.

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