Doctor… whoa.

Finally saw ‘Daleks in Manhattan’ and ‘Evolution of the Daleks’.

I honestly do not know what I think of them. My initial reaction is to really like them, but there are troubling bits that keep nagging at me.

I think the thing that bothers me most is that even moreso than usual, the science was for shit. Okay, I can buy the solar flare thing. Too bad NYC was on the side of the planet facing AWAY from the sun and would’ve been protected by not only the Earth’s magnetic field, but the entire bulk of the planet itself. Something that simple… aiiieeee!

Dalek Sec, the Dalek/Human hybrid… I still am not convinced that it was serious about reforming. Which maybe makes the episode a little harder hitting–clearly, The Doctor believed, even if I didn’t.

I am getting tired of The Doctor behaving suicidally. It’s been almost every episode this year that he’s done something that should have damn well triggered a regeneration.

The American accents–not bad, although the Southern one could’ve been dialed back a notch. We don’t really sound like that, do we?

Much as it pains me to admit, the average American in the 30s would not have been so blasĂ© about race as everyone was around Martha. Her? A doctor? Impossible, she’s a woman and she’s black. It would NOT have been passed off with little more than an “Oh, really?”, not in that day and age. The interactions depicted between black and white–even in NYC–were too clean, too politically correct.

The editing at the end of ‘Evolution’ bordered on spastic. It was like whole sections had been lopped out, like Manhattan/Evolution was meant to be a three-parter, not a two-parter.

I guess the direction I’m heading was that these were great ideas for episodes… with a less than great execution.

Your thoughts?


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  1. dragonscholar on

    Exactly my thought. Tons of great ideas, executed poorly. What we needed was more of the Doctor and Sec, and a building trust. I’d have started by having the other Daleks turn on Sec, the doctor saves HIM – and the two try to figure out how to stop the other Daleks and revive the race in the new form. We could really have had something great there.

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