More thoughts about the two Dalek stories.

got me thinking more about Manhattan/Evolution.

This is an episode just dripping with what might have been.

Let’s assume that Sec was serious about reforming. What if he had gone about converting one, two or even all three of the other Daleks with… well, classic Dalek ruthlessness, forcibly humanizing them, perhaps even destroying one in the process? A mighty conundrum, that, leaving the Doctor (and us) wondering exactly how Sec defined change and whether it would last. And much more satisfactory, I think.

What if one of the other Daleks had evolved willingly, leaving the Dalek race split–literally–in half, and no doubt ultimately destined for civil war? How would that have affected Sec’s plans for reform? Would the human Daleks eventually have become as kill-crazy as the ‘classic’ Daleks, from necessity?

And what if Sec was just stringing the Doctor along…?

Oh, what might have been. These were episodes just brimming over with promise, that fell down and went boom. They weren’t horrible… but they could have been so amazing.

And one other thing. It’s time for Tennant to dial it back a little–he’s starting to go from ‘manic’ to ‘damned annoying’. When you start making Colin Baker’s Doctor look like a model of quiet sobriety, a re-examination of your approach is in order. He doesn’t have to dial it *all* the way back… just a bit. Kthx.


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  1. qthewetsprocket on

    i think if i’d been a bigger dalek fan, i’d have been more upset by this one than i was. because by now, the production team have completely (if unwittingly) taken all the bite out of them.

    their first appearance in ‘dalek’ s1? brilliant. ‘doomsday’/’parting of the ways’? less impressive in greater numbers, somehow, but still a force to be reckoned with. ‘the daleks vs the cybermen’…oh come on. by that point they were just taking the piss. and so when they showed up again here i was like, eh…at least nick briggs gets a good paycheck this month. (btw, did you ever get to see the doctor who weakest link special? one of the most delicious things i’ve ever seen on tv, ever.) :)

    It’s time for Tennant to dial it back a little

    he did go a bit ott in that one, esp in the ‘go on, KILL ME!!!’ scene…but just wait till you see him in ’42’ and ‘human nature’. bliss. :)

    *wants to keep him as the doctor forever and ever now*

    • My source has momentarily run dry, so I haven’t got anything past whatever episode follows ‘Evolution…’ (haven’t watched it yet). I *want* to see the Weakest Link special. I hear there’s an exchange between K-9 and Anne that’s just priceless. :)

      One of the things that’s bothering me is all the fourth-wall breaking… quoting Arthur Dent in ‘Christmas Invasion’ was cool as a one-off, but they’re doing it too much now. The ‘Expelliarmus!’ (and the “Fifty-eight scholars just punched the air and said ‘Yes!'”) in ‘The Shakespeare Code’ was over the line (however, the schtick with Queen Elizabeth was priceless). And the reason it doesn’t work is that it makes the Doctor sound as though he’s aware of the camera and the broadcast schedule.

      So, yeah. I think it’s time they get back to fundamentals.

      • qthewetsprocket on

        i like the in-jokes normally, but i did think the harry potter stuff was a bit much – if only because david tennant was actually in the fourth movie. there’s an old-skool in-joke in ‘human nature’ that made me laugh out loud, though. *adores the writers for it*

        and anne robinson is my brand new hero. great self-deprecating joke at the beginning; mickey actually makes her laugh…and she’s soft on david tennant. *fangirls her*

        oh, and fwiw, there’s this. *cough*

  2. johnpalmer on

    I haven’t been caught up with Dr. Who in forever. (In fact, I never was.)

    I still had to know if you’d seen the comics referenced here:

  3. bass_o_matic on

    I haven’t seen this episode yet, but I am being troubled by the continued return of the Daleks. At the end of “Parting of the Ways”, I groaned when Dalek Sec initiated a “temporal field” or something like that. How many “last Daleks” are there?

    Let them be for a bit is my vote. Even in the original series they turned up possibly once a season, even to the point of once every two seasons – and when they did, it was for a reason, not simply filler.

    I thought “Dalek” was good. A bit cheesy towards the end, but it was fantastic to see them back. To keep seeing them is overload. Sure, they are one of the most identifiable aspects of Doctor Who, but the whole human/Dalek hybrd thing is a little much. :-) When do you think we’ll see Davros back on the screen?

    • See, there’s another missed opportunity… or maybe it’s not. With any luck, the surviving Dalek can revive Davros using what it learned in ‘Evolution’. I give it middle of next season to see Davvy back. ;)

      I don’t mind a couple Dalek episodes per season. They still haven’t brought back the Master, the Rani, Sontarans or Yeti… so the only alternatives are Autons, Slitheen, or Cybermen. Personally, I say bring ’em all back, even the White and Black Guardians. Have Turlough pop up, having decided to do the job after all.

      Above and beyond all else, though, I want to see Lethbridge-Stewart make one more showing. The Brig has always rocked. :)

      • bass_o_matic on

        Oh, there’s more than that they could bring back! The Silurians, Vardans, at least one other Time Lord (also thinking he is the last one), a Krynoid or two and while we are at it, I am sure Sutekh could make an appearance. :-)

        I agree with you on the Brigadier. I was surprised that he didn’t make an appearance when U.N.I.T was revived in the new incarnation. Even if it was a cameo, it would have been great to see him back on the floor. He is getting on a bit though, and I think only the fans would recognise him…

        • Oh, yeah, he’s not the spit-polished Brig of old anymore… white haired with a full beard, last I saw, looking kind of like an old, unreformed hippie. :)

      • bass_o_matic on

        So what do you think of the new Master?

        • I haven’t seen anything after Manhattan/Evolution yet! Augh!

          • bass_o_matic on

            They’ve done interesting things. I won’t give anything away, but he’s suitably evil.

            • Oh, if he wasn’t evil, he wouldn’t be The Master. Someone who’s seen it said he was definitely more Delgado than Ainley, and that’s damned high praise in my book. :)

              • bass_o_matic on

                Hmm – I wouldn’t have really thought of him as either to be completely honest. If I was to attempt to sum him up, and I really believe this is the way that he was mean to be portrayed, he is Tennant gone wrong. He has the same quirky style, but where Tennant is hard, the Master is cruel.

                As such, I think it works. :-)

                Also, and I have been wanting to say this for ages, if one more character says “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry”, I think I will rip out what is left of my hair. It’s being said two or three times per episode.

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