Oh. My. Effin. Ghawd.

Tom Lehrer. Live. Performing songs not on any of his albums. Part one and part two. These are all math-themed… but damn. TL I’ve never heard or even heard of before.

Edit: The original (and better, and one-piece) version is here, on archive.org.


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  1. thattallguy201 on

    I know a lady who knows him and she won’t give me an introduction, says he likes his privacy these days. Dammitall…

    • That, and if he isn’t eighty yet, he’s getting mighty close.

      • thattallguy201 on

        Born April 9, 1928.

        Wikipedia is your friend…

        P.S. My parents appreciated the link too… which says something, I suppose, but I don’t know what…

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