One is never too old to be a scout.

In this case, the Order of the Science Scouts of Exemplary Repute and Above Average Physique.

I presume a certain amount of fudging is allowed on the matter of an above average physique. I leave it to the imagination what badges (of course there are badges! You can’t be a scout without badges!) I qualify for. I may fess up if asked. ;)

EDIT: For the record, I qualify for 21 of the 74 badges, in one way or another. Now I’m scaring myself…

EDIT EDIT: On second count, 24 of 74. Yike. Admittedly, some require a little bit of a stretch, but I figure it’s like the Purity Test: all technicalities count.


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  1. reynard_t_fox_3 on

    Ok this is scary.. I got 22

    • Now, the “Special Auxiliary Child Member of the Order of the Science Scouts” one I gave myself in Emeritus status, since I’m not a child anymore… but I figure I deserve it for assembling a mechanical binary computer when I was eight and calculating a Skylab overflight in 1973 when I was nine. :)

  2. cashewlou on

    I know what a tadpole is! o(:o)

    I may try to take this test tonight when I get home from work.

    • My favorite one (and one I am glad I do not qualify for) is the “I have to wash my hands before using the restroom” badge. :)

      • cashewlou on

        Wow, I so suck; I only got 10:

        Destroyer of Quackery
        I Can Be a Prick when it Comes to Science
        Will Gladly Kick Sexual Harasser’s Ass
        Has Frozen Stuff Just to See What Happens-Level I
        I’ve Done Science with No Conceivable Practical Application
        I Know What a Tadpole Is
        Experienced with Electrical Shock-Level III
        I’m into Telescopes Astro-Level I
        Statistical Linear Regression
        I’ve Set Fire to Stuff-Level I

        Not only do I not qualify to be Dr. Paul Armstrong; I don’t even qualify to eat Betty’s delicious tapioca pudding!

        • You know, if you qualify for Electro Shock Level III, by definition you qualify for I and II. :)

          (Me, I have separate qualifications for those three levels… don’t ask. XD)

          Uhm, and you’ve looked through the Schottland at Perkins. That’s professional glass, give yourself I’m Into Telescopes Astro-Level II.

          Egad, I qualify the “I’ve Done Science With No Conceivable Practical Application” and “I Can Be A Prick When It Comes To Science” badges, come to think of it. So, 23/74.

      • surakofb5 on

        I do qualify for that one. Anyone who works in a chemistry or biology lab does. Any time I’ve been in a lab, I wash my hands.

        I came up with 28.

        I’m being a bit generous in giving myself credit for some of these badges that are a stretch, like the MacGyver badge, and the rock star badge (hey, I did female vocals for Cylons on the Screen). Some are not a stretch, like Statistical Linear Regression, and Kicking Sexual Harasser’s Ass. Sadly, I don’t meet the Publication badge requirement, since my publications had circulations of less than 50,000. I wish I didn’t qualify for “science forced me to seek medical attention.”

        • Come to think of it, I think being able to play David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” ought to count for something… not to mention accompanying any number of space/science related filks. 24/74.

          Say… how hard would it be to needlepoint real badges? (he asked innocently…)

  3. thattallguy201 on


    25! (Under the Purity Test rules.) Pirating comes from the Flying Spaghetti Monster work. MacGyvering I thought was a stretch but on reflection I’ve come up with a half dozen examples, not counting computer hacks….

    The one I missed that I most wanted was “World’s Foremost Expert on an Obscure Subject” — I can claim to be in a group of foremost experts but not *the* foremost… Wait! I’m an expert on me, and I’m obscure! 26!! :D

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