Yeah. That’s “family values”.

We have a family friend who we’ve known for ages. I mean, she used to babysit me lo these many decades ago, that’s how long we’ve known her. She has been raising her granddaughter this last year and a half. Her daughter has been serving in Iraq, has been there the last 15 months, and her job is basically exploding roadside bombs. Her son-in-law is also in the military, stationed in Korea… but given Dumbass’ insistence on a “surge”, for how much longer?

Anyway, our friend’s daughter is finally back in the States after more than a year, and reunited with her daughter… and just learned she has to go back to Vietnam Iraq in August.

Mom has met with her local congresswoman (the redoubtable Marcy Kaptur, fortunately–I still count her as my representative, because the one for this district is hopeless). I’m writing my Senator–the one who might actually respond favorably–suggesting that a) the Sole Survivor policy adopted by the military after the death of the five Sullivan brothers on the USS Juneau be enacted into law rather than left as military policy that can be rescinded and b) when both parents of a minor child are active military and one is deployed to a hostile-fire area, the other be returned Stateside to continue their service here and tend to the needs of their family.

I mean, the only thing more unconscionable than asking a two-year-old child to risk her mother in a pointless, meaningless, unwinnable war is to separate her from her father at the same time.


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  1. surakofb5 on

    It gets better. Back before 9/11, when I was dating that guy in the Navy, he told me about a couple where both spouses were in the Navy. They kicked the woman out when she got pregnant because they didn’t want to have a situation where both parents were deployed overseas (or on ships) at the same time, leaving no one to care for the kid. Obviously they aren’t interested in trying to make accomodations. Never mind that quitting the military probably wasn’t an option for your friend’s daughter.

    Utterly depressing.

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