I keep re-watching ’em…

…and every single friggin’ time, that voice reduces me to goo. Paul Potts on “Britain’s Got Talent”, first forcing a snark-primed Simon Cowell to shut up and be nice by a raw (if unexpected) display of incredible talent (that alone should be worth a Grammy), and doing it again in his semifinal-winning performance. The final is tonight–he hasn’t got the power of a Domingo or a Del Monaco (to say nothing of a Pavarotti), but I think his voice is warmer than at least Domingo’s or Carreras’. Fingers crossed for him. Thanks to for the initial head’s-up on him.


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  1. filkertom on

    The dude is very good, isn’t he? I hope he wins, but even if he doesn’t I think he’s gonna get the career he really wants. At the very least an album and a couple of appearances with semi-major orchestras. But I think he’s gonna win. Obviously, the audiences are behind him, and the vid you’ve linked to has been viewed over half a million times already this week.

    • I honestly can’t watch either of them without getting teary–his voice just cuts right through me. And I just love the way Cowell’s head swivels up when he realizes there just might be something magic going on–you can see the assholitude just drain right out of him.

      Out of curiosity, I perused a few other versions of Nessun Dorma on YouTube… Pavarotti, Domingo, Carreras, Del Monaco, Bocelli, even a “3 Tenors” version in addition to the solo pieces … I rank Potts with Bocelli, not quite to Pavarotti or Del Monaco, but more “soulful” than Domingo or Carreras.

      Truth be told, I like the less trained aspects of his voice. A highly trained operatic tenor, to my ear, loses something when they focus so hard on technical perfection–their voices become ‘digital’, I guess I’d call it, in the same way some diehard audiophiles disdain the ‘too perfect’ sound of the CD relative to the LP. Potts has enough technical skill to sound like he should be singing opera… but is sufficiently untrained that you can still hear his heart in his voice.

      I also recommend, as an unexpectedly brilliant and erudite rendition of that same piece, The 3 Redneck Tenors. No, really. You gotta see it.

  2. nsingman on

    I know how you feel. There was something about seeing his face while he sang Nessun Dorma that was just so wonderfully expressive. I was very impressed with the audience reaction, too. I’ve watch Youtube clips of that performance at least three or four times, and it always gives me a thrill. And I’m not even a particularly huge opera fan!

    I hope his singing takes him far.

    • I was okay until they showed that lady wiping tears from her eyes, and shortly after the young lady leaping to her feet applauding… that’s when I lost it. The Welsh appreciate a good song, indeed.

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