Lucky it was Britain’s Got Talent and not America’s Got Talent

In Britain, Paul Potts is hailed (and rightly so) as a genuinely gifted man, and his talent carries him through to win BGT and perform for HM the Queen later this year.

Had it been “America’s Got Talent” and the chance to perform at the White House…

Damon Scott and Bubbles wouldn’t have got on stage much less the finals because someone would’ve said the chimp was a political statement about Dumbass. Likewise, Bar Wizards would’ve been blocked as being “insensitive” to Ding-dong’s (allegedly) former drinking problem.

And Paul would have lost in the semifinal to a country singer with scarily big hair, and the following day would’ve got this phone call: “Yeah, you the funny lookin’ guy that sings real good? How’d you like to star in the movie version of ‘Gomer Pyle, USMC’?”


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