“It is a fact, Jamie,that I do tend to get involved with things.”

Recently got my grubbies on “The War Games” (final Pat Troughton story, ten episodes), and “The Creature from the Pit” (Tom Baker Season 17 ep, and the very first one I ever saw, Way Back When).

Yes. Patrick Troughton is definitely my second-favorite Doctor, right behind McCoy and just ahead of Eccleston. I haven’t seen a Troughton episode in ages (not counting his appearance in “The Five Doctors”). Mercurial, ephemeral, mysterious and just flat bizarre. That’s what I like in a Time Lord! For the overall series, this was a very important episode: the one that once and for all cemented the Doctor’s identity as a Time Lord (and guilty of Grand Theft TARDIS), not just an indeterminate alien time traveler (identification specifically as a Gallifreyan would come later, in Pertwee’s tenure). A wonderful, rollicking ride, a bittersweet farewell, and overall a terrific exit for one of the greatest of the Doctors.

I was pleasantly surprised with “The Creature from the Pit”, which I had not seen since 1982 or 1983 and remembered as being a little clunky and silly. Apparently all I needed was to be better versed in matters Doctorial–now I found it charming and witty, and a classic “you’ve got sixpence to spend on effects, and the BBC comptroller expects change!” episode. Let’s face it, the titular creature resembles a lot of bright green garbage bags glued together. I should also say that I have always been a Romana I partisan, but I’ve definitely warmed to Romana II … but there is only one K-9, and that’s John Leeson, not David Brierley.


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  1. chilayse on


    here. Be amused.


    • Augh! Not until I’ve seen the rest of Season 29!

      • chilayse on

        o.o you’re not keeping up with it all? Ok I’ll keep the other things to myself then.

        I thought you were. ^^ Sorry!

        • I’m only up to ‘Evolution of the Daleks’ — I am in the process of catching up from there (I believe your offer made in a recent locked post on my journal may have finally favorably resolved my access problem ;))

          I am current on ‘Torchwood’ and can’t wait for Series 2 — and yes, I did notice the ‘Vote Saxon’ posters in the episode “Captain Jack Harkness”.

          • chilayse on

            Well the site won’t spoil you anyway. There’s no episode information in it at least.

            Anyway…the ending..that last bit…of this latest episode….was very very amusing and leads into torchwood series 2.

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