How many times can we say it? IMPEACH!

Judging by his treatment of inmates on Texas’ death row, I’m astounded that Fuckwit even knows what a commutation is. But he apparently dusted off the ol’ Merriam-Webster so he could hand one out to convicted perjurer Scooter Libby. No doubt Rove or Cheney had to look it up for him, since we also know that Gonzo doesn’t know the meaning, either.

Couldn’t even wait a year and a half for a pardon. He must’ve been scared shitless of the story Scooter would’ve told if he’d had to actually do time.

Impeach the bastard already.


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  1. thattallguy201 on

    Are you kidding? This was the fallback plan all along. Imperial power, remember? I wouldn’t be surprised if, right before the end of term, Bush resigns so that Cheney can pardon him. They had probably hoped to be able to appoint a new VP but with the Senate in Dem hands Cheney may be left holding the bag.

    • tharain on


      • thattallguy201 on

        Saw it on the web somewhere & reduced it — ain’t it great? :)

        • tharain on

          Brilliant. It took me a moment to get what it was, and when I did? grapefruit juice up my nose. Completely.

          Are you back in the states? Or still abroad (having browsed your LJ quickly).

          • thattallguy201 on

            Back for good in less than two weeks. (Still have the thesis to complete yet.) Glad I did it, wouldn’t have missed it for the world — but can’t wait to get home.

            • tharain on

              That’s an incredible experience. Friend of mine who lives in NZ is talking to me about “Come over here for a few years!” And my company has European offices…I’ve considered the transfer.

              It sounds great, but kinda scary.

              And welcome home!

              • thattallguy201 on

                Well, a lot of it would naturally depend on what languages you speak :) — Amsterdam is good for that because English is a near-universal second language in the city (and in fact all my courses were taught in English.) Of course NZ would be the same.

                I’m not a great fan of radical change in my life; it took a major kick in the pants to come over and it’s taken me pretty much this entire trip to feel reasonably comfortable here. But even so, there are lots of parts of living here that I’ll miss. I do recommend the experience.

                • tharain on

                  That kind of happened to me when i turned forty. After living in the same town all my life, I got rid of everything I owned (just about) packed up my car and my dogs, and moves 3000 miles to the San Francisco Bay to live on a boat.

                  As mid life crises go, it was a good one.

                  But yeah, I have trouble getting out of my comfort zone, too.

  2. dragonscholar on

    I’m looking forward to how this affects the Republican party. They’re working DAMN hard to be a regional minority party.

    • One can hope. I’m still waiting for the Christine Todd Whitmans and Lincoln Chafees and Olympia Snowes to stand up and take their party back–I mean, sure, I think they’re usually wrong on most issues, but in a sane sort of way, and they are sometimes right, and they’re not evil arch-plutocrats and would-be oligarchs. I want them to run the GOP, and I want the whackjobs to hie off and make a third party that forever prevents the center-right from ever having an absolute majority again… or for the right-wing whackjobs to just go the hell away and never stain our body politic again.

  3. tharain on

    I hate him soooooooooooo much….it’s like flames. Flames on the side of my face.

    Seriously. Him and Cheney both.

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