*blink* *stare*

Okay, I’m not even ten minutes into ‘Human Nature’ and I’ve already been off the couch staring in shock.


Edit: Just finished watching it. Holy friggin’ shit. Starting ‘Family of Blood’ now. Yike.

Edit Edit: Just finished ‘Family of Blood’. Holy fucking shit.


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  1. chilayse on

    Having fun?

    • That was … holy fucking shit.

      That was the first episode of Doctor Who to make me geniunely cry.

      • chilayse on

        It was something else huh? Just wait till the season finale.

        • I just watched the last two parts of ‘Spearhead from Space’ (season 7, 1st Pertwee). At the very end, he suggests the Brigadier just call him Dr John Smith. It was … disturbing.

  2. caindog on

    The Doctor has used the name “John Smith” plenty of times in the past (and future). But if you liked this two-parter, strap yourself to your chair for the last bunch of episodes of season three. Be sure to put a pillow on the floor to catch your jaw.

    • Oh, yeah. I have stayed essentially spoiler-free, but I have a general idea of what’s coming, and I can’t wait.

      I’ve seen The Doctor use the ‘Johm Smith’ alias before — the Second Doctor did in ‘The War Games’, the third in ‘Spearhead from Space’, and I’m sure other Doctors have in other circumstances — it was catching that right after HN/FoB that gave it a bit of extra sting.

      Personally, I loved it when the Doctor named himself “Dr. James MacCrimmon” in ‘Tooth and Claw’… perhaps if he ever has to pass as a military man, he’ll use the name Benton, or Yates, or perhaps Lethbridge-Stewart? :)

  3. bizarra on

    I was looking forward to your reaction of those episodes. Incredible aren’t they?

    There have been a few episodes that have made me cry.. (end of Girl In The Fireplace still does *sniffles*) but this one… had me outright sobbing. *that* has never happened. No, I take it back.. only other time I’ve literally sobbed through something was the Finding Neverland Credits.. the end of that movie just did me in.. and when it ended.. I was sobbing becuase it was over. LOL

    Same thing with HN/FOB.. wow.. Makes me want to go rewatch them.

    • Well, I knew something special was up when we could clearly see sketches of several previous Doctors (particularly the Fifth, Seventh and Eighth) in his journal … which, I might add, is something quite worth pausing through and deciphering the scribbles…

      *That* was what had me off the couch, on my feet, staring in shock. I wasn’t ready for that. :)

      (Ooo, nekkid Jack … send him my way!)

  4. bass_o_matic on

    Those two were very good episodes. Tennant has a depth that is more than Doctor Who in a lot of cases. If you ever get to see “Blackpool” (a musical/drama from the BBC) it gives you more insight into what he does. It’s hard to not think about Doctor Who when watching it, but when he speaks in his native accent, you tend to forget about it.

    Wait for the last three episodes. ;-)

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