Blink/Utopia (yeah, more Doctor Who)

OMFG yes!


Okay. I accidentally spoiled myself on the nature of the Weeping Angels while building the DVD.

That didn’t stop me from having several OMGWTFBBQ!!! moments while watching this episode–if I can know the nature of the monster and still get my mind blown, that’s perfect writing, perfect directing, and perfect acting.

Had I not known what they were, I would have been behind the sofa. In one startled leap.

Absolutely stunning — they had a bit of a shaky start to this season, but dayamn have they found their bearings.

It doesn’t hurt that this was a Steven Moffat script–he’s carved himself out a niche worthy of Terrance Dicks, Terry Nation, Robert Holmes and (dare I say) Douglas Adams between The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, The Girl in the Fireplace and Blink–all four standout episodes of the restart.



My brain hurts! I thought they couldn’t keep up to the mark they set in Human Nature/Family of Blood. I humbly submit to you that was wrong, oh so very wrong…


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  1. chilayse on

    I’m just waiting for you to post on the finale. I’ll keep my comments to myself until then….^^

  2. thattallguy201 on

    Gotta agree…

    “Blink” was right up there with “Girl in the Fireplace”, which is otherwise far and away my favorite New Who.

  3. qthewetsprocket on

    ah, i’ve been waiting for you to see utopia. :) one of my first thoughts upon hearing derek jacobi’s line was, ‘oh heck, ik’s gonna come.’ (okay, so i already knew about it from online spoilers and that, i just didn’t realize how good they were gonna make it).

    just wait till you see the next two, is all. the last ep is totally on crack, yes, but john simm completely rocks my socks off.

    • I already knew they were bringing The Master back this season.

      I did not expect the reveal until ‘The Last of the Time Lords’, so it completely blindsided me. I mean, jumping up off the couch doing my goddamnedest not to make too much noise because I was watching it at 5am. I may have to wait until a reasonable time of day before watching Drums/Last.

      And part of me is still saying, “When’s he gonna grow out the moustaceh and goatee?” :D

  4. dragonscholar on


    Told ya ;)

    Blink really was tightly done, expertly crafted – in short, just a purely good episode. Scary, clever, witty, yet human. Being haunted by statues was just FTW creepy.

    Hang in there. Just hang in there.

    Let’s just say you’re gonna have a ball with what’s coming.

    • The statue montage at the end was just pure brilliance. :)

      The problem is when I prepare them for burning, I keep catching things that may or may not spoil the ep for me… at this point, it’s something I’ve learned to live with, but sweet merciful Jeebus, if I can know the nature of the monster and still get creeped out by them, that’s what I call perfect writing, acting and directing.

      This one reminded me of Love and Monsters in the way that the Doctor really wasn’t in it, it was about some of the people affected by him. And I love a good time loop. One wonders how long they were stuck in 1969… at least the music was good. And goddammit, I got misty-eyed when Sally went to see Shipton in the hospital. That’s not fair, hitting me three episodes in a row like that!

      And Derek Jacobi is bloody brilliant. But I’ve known that since “I, Claudius”. :)

      • dragonscholar on

        Blink was quite powerful – and it also brought out a constant themes of the new series. The Doctor brings danger (or faces it), but also raises people up to be more.

        Timey-Wimey stuff!

      • bizarra on

        Blink is an example of how to do a Doctor-lite episode right. Love and Monsters is now to do it wrong.

        And yeah… brace yourself. :-)

        • I actually quite liked Love and Monsters as being a light, silly episode that only fell down when it tried to obtrude a serious note at the end, Elton fretting about the fates of Rose and Jackie. It was also the perfect hook to get , since it was thick and fast with music and references to ELO. :)

  5. bass_o_matic on

    I thought Blink was excellent. And to think that those creatures were actors under tons of makeup. Awesome directing, and brilliant story.

    Like I said, you have much more ahead of you. I can’t wait until you post after watching them.

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