Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords

First off. Russell T. Davies is a very lucky man, for including that last image of someone (presumably Lucy) picking up the Master’s ring from the pyre, because that’s all we need to know that he’ll be back — he fuck-all better be. One does not bring The Master back just to whack him.


John Simm better be back, too–and I expect a mustache and goatee next time. Sure, it’s about time The Master had himself an erratic regeneration–that’s what he gets for stealing bodies, shit happens–but the Master needs his evil mustache and goatee.

When he offered Lucy a Jelly Baby, I about died. XD

Overall … not as strong as Blink or Utopia, I thought, and the Doctor’s recovery was a bit too deus ex machina. Clap your hands, and Tinkerbell will be well again. Feh. Coulda been done better–not that I know how off the top of my head, but it coulda been.

Could’ve knocked me over with a feather at “I forgive you,”, though. Dayamn.

One presumes the Master’s return will be worthy … ‘course, becoming PM and having the President vaporized, that was impressive. I notice they were extremely careful to ensure that “Harold Saxon” was not identifiable as Tory or Labour or Lib Dem or even tending to have drawn his support from one or two of those parties.

Reality check: okay, I know I’m a Yank, but I also know that one doesn’t get elected PM, one is the head of a party that needs to take an absolute majority, or at least be the largest bloc of a coalition government. WTF, Russ? Or is this going to be a “repeat to yourself it’s just a show, I should really just relax” thing?

And thank you, Russell, for resisting the temptation to make them brothers, or any other sort of kin.

“They called me the Face of Boe.” AAAAAAAAAAIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! *plotz*

Yeah, kinda disjointed.


It just dawned on me that Lucy would have been in custody most likely after shooting The Master. What if the red-nailed hand collecting The Master’s ring was… The Rani? YIKE!


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  1. dragonscholar on

    The Tinkerbelle idea was a mixture of clever (the master builds a giant psychic control network and never once thinks it could backfire), and completely derivative. I DID love the fact the Anti Time Lord gun was a complete and stupid fake – so points for mocking bad plot devices even if he used one.

    The way it could have been done better, I think, is if the doctor upon recovering, still jacked into the system, THEN feels the rage of the people on Earth. He’s temporarily earth’s vengeful god and HE has to choose what to do with that power while he has it. Would make the scene more poignant when he forgives the master – assumably, I think, because he knows down deep the Master’s batshit.

    I have mixed feelings on the Face of Boe, but I have a theory on that . . . what if the Face of Boe in this universe was the Jack of the last . . .

    • I *like* the idea of the Face being Jack. One wonders how he managed to keep the truth from the Doctor for so long, since the Doctor’s relationship with the Face is said to have lasted for a very, very long time. The anti-Time Lord gun sounds like exactly the sort of thing the Brigadier would have commissioned after having first encountered the Master, and kept knowledge of it from the Doctor as a matter of course. Or it could be a complete McGuffin … although I’m trying to recall if there were any glowing green cylinders in the Torchwood base — the most likely missing color, the others being red, yellow and blue.

      Re: your theory, what last universe?

      • dragonscholar on

        Regarding the gun, I don’t see the Brig making something that complex. At best I think it’d have one or two cartriages located in a safe place – namely, his pocket.

        As for Jack, remember the Beast from Impossible Planet/Satan pit was supposedly from a previous universe. So I wonder if Jack, possibly, lives long enough to see the next universe form.

        • No, I don’t think so. We already know he’s from 51st century Earth in this universe (The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances), and if he does become The Face of Boe, lives some five billion years (Gridlock) … which means, of course, that he outlives Lady Cassandra and is himself the last human from Old Earth. He’s not timelocked: he does age, but incredibly slowly, and there was no reference to him still being around in ‘Utopia’, which marked the end of this universe, so no. Jack wasn’t around for the end of this and the beginning of the next, except briefly as a member of the TARDIS crew in ‘Utopia’.

          Re: the gun. The Brigadier wouldn’t have made it himself. He would’ve had UNIT scientists make it, of course. And I think you’re right, he would’ve kept one of the components with him … but he did retire and therefore would’ve had to make some arrangements for its safe disposition and recovery–which could have led to it ending in Torchwood’s care.

          • dragonscholar on

            I dearly hope they do bring in the Brig or what happened to him. I just watched Inferno, and damned if I don’t miss him. What a fun character and a great actor.

            • Oh, ‘Inferno’ is the best Brigadier episode ever, because we finally get to see the Brig (well, Brigade Leader, anyway) completely wig out. One imagines Nicholas Courtney had a ball with that. And he looks just wrong without the ‘stache. :)

        • Oh, and in any case, re: the last universe — why should that universe have had its own Jack Harkness? It was a completely separate reality, not a replay (or pre-play?) of the events in this universe.

          • dragonscholar on

            Just my theory if some of the universe DOES re-play. Jack may be the Eternal factor.

            And hey, what person MORE appropriate to be at the Big Bang!

            • “Once described by Eccentrica Gallumbits, the triple-breasted whore of Eroticon VI, as the ‘best bang since the big one’…” XD

  2. chilayse on

    What did you think of what was in the spheres?

    • Not what I expected… in a way, they were true human Daleks, not a hybrid like Sec, but what would happen if humans on their own went the bit-of-biomass-inside-a-machine route. They were potentially worse than Daleks I think, wreaking havoc not out of a sense of superiority or entitlement but because it was fun… one wonders what an encounter between the nigh-indestructible “human” spheres and the Daleks would be like. Not pretty, certainly.

      • chilayse on

        They were creepy…I just kinda stared when what they were was revealed…and how they were insane…

        • Yeah. True human “Daleks”. Deranged killing machines.

          • ataniell93 on

            I really thought this episode, especially compared to the last two, REEKED. To high heaven. Of course, I’ve not forgiven them yet for the Shakespeare Code. He who hath Shakespeare standing next to him should not need fucking JKR to find the right words.

  3. bass_o_matic on

    Interesting synopsis. There were some things I didn’t think about. I don’t think the Master will return quickly, I think it will be a measured approach, as for most villains. He will turn up when it’s most unlikely – and to that end I think it’s the way the Master should be.

    The “I forgive you” is along the same “I’m sorry” thing I mentioned earlier. You can either take it on or put your fingers down your throat, it depends on your personal take on the script. :-)

    In so far as the election – you can be the (party) elected leader of the party even one day prior to the election, and if the popular+preferential vote gets you the chair, you’re it.

    There’s no Electoral Colleges in a Westminster system of government.

    • Right, but I would’ve felt better if they’d made up a party name at least. That it could’ve been build up from scratch in 18 months I can accept because of the Master’s mental domination, but I just don’t care for the idea of him being a free-standing thing. Also remember, the UK doesn’t use the Australian voting system, though — no preferential voting, they’re ‘first past the post’, whoever gets the most votes in a district gets the seat, even if it’s not at least half-plus-one. The issue with me was not that he became PM, but the lack of a structure in which he could do it. The Beeb should know how British politics work better than I, and they presented it as a Presidential election, not a Parliamentary. What I don’t know, and what would clear up the whole thing for me, is whether it would be common to refer one’s self as voting for the party leader rather than for the party–as in Martha’s comment that she “was going to vote for him” … my UK friends hopefully can clarify: would one in past elections have said they were going to “vote for Blair”, “vote Labour” or “vote for (name of local MP)”? If one (outside of Sedgefield, anyway) would say they were going to “vote Blair”, than I would be willing to accept the ‘Vote Saxon’ signs.

      I took my degree in Political Science… this digression might take a while. :)

      • bass_o_matic on

        Ah, I see where the misunderstanding comes in. In this country at least, a vote for Liberal is a vote for Howard. Thinking about what you are saying, I do see where you question “Vote for Saxon”, as more an individual vote, rather than voting for a particular party.

        Given that he was Defense Minister, and he obviously challenged for the leadership of whatever party he was representing at the time, I think it reasonable that the “Vote for Saxon” signs were about the place. It could be that he actually departed from the factional system and decided to be an independent candidate. His preferential votes could have been aligned to another party, but due to the Archangel satellite system, he garnered enough votes to hold power in his own right. I am sure that there is nothing in the constitution of either Great Britain or our own constitution that specifies that you need to be aligned to one party or another to constitute a government…

  4. dragonscholar on

    Oh I SO hope it’s the Rani.

    Because I get the impression that a Pyrdonian love triangle would so spice up the series.

    [Doctor] He’s crazy! He hears voices!
    [Master] But *I* don’t run around trying to save the universe.
    [Rani] Well excuse me but you’re both not my type.
    [Master] Oh, THAT’s not what you said behind the Panopticon storage closet!
    [Doctor] What, you to? I guess what they used to say at Academy is true!
    [Master] . . . what do you mean?
    [Doctor] Well, you know what they said about the Rani – she’s like a TARDIS, bigger on the inside than the outside . .
    [Rani] Oh, that coming from YOU and your reputation, Doctor?
    [Master] . . . don’t *I* have a reputation?
    [Rani] Grow the beard back and we’ll talk.

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