o/` I can see clearly now… o/`

Curious entities can see me in my new glasses here. What I want to know is, when exactly did I turn into my dad? The resemblance startled me… I mean, I looked at the picture and wondered when the face transplant was performed.


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  1. avon_deer on

    I think everyone hits a point in their life when they ask themselves the same question.

    • argh_jim on

      Don’t I know it…..

      And about 15 years ago my dad was in the hospital for some minor heart issue. When I went to see him, I thought “when did he turn into grandpa?”

      • I don’t dare say it, but I’m starting to see my great-grandma in my mom’s face. Not as old as Great Grandma, but all the same structures and lines and everything. I’ve seen pictures of Great Grandma when she was Mom’s age (which was about the year I was born, actually) and it’s quite close, I think.

        What also weirds me out a little is not only that I sound like my dad, but sometimes I even sound like my grandpa–both of ’em, actually.

  2. chilayse on

    On the bright side for me..I don’t actually look like either parent enough to ever resemble them.

    But those glasses work for you. Kinda imagined something scary when you said bigger glasses smaller watches…

    • I just want a lens that’s larger than my pinkie to the second joint, and a watch that isn’t its own workout routine. :)

      • chilayse on

        try target. That’s where I finally picked up a watch that just…tells time.

        • Funny you should mention. That’s exactly where I got my new watch. It is still very large, but unless I wanted to wear a woman’s watch or pay over $100, I was stuck with a big clunky watch.

          • chilayse on

            ^_^ And Kohl’s for bedding. Walmart…for cheap furniture.

            • I avoid Wally World if at all possible, as I do not wish to contribute to their bottom line. They treat their employees abysmally.

              • chilayse on

                Its the only grocery store within 20 minutes drive from my home…

  3. cashewlou on

    Actually, I think you look like a combo of both your grandfathers, personally; a little Thad from column A, a bit of Ben from column B…with a dash of Mikey thrown in.

    Jen looks like your mom, and hell, I think Dave is adopted!

    • Oh, no. We have a picture of Grandpa Schultz when he was Dave’s age. They’re clones. It’s creepy. Personally, I think I look like Dad, with Mikey’s hair. :)

      And the girls look like Jenni did when she was little. It’s also creepy. But not as creepy as when she puts on her “Mom” voice, and sounds exactly like our mom. :)

      • ataniell93 on

        I don’t think you look that much like your dad but then I never saw that much of him. I never thought he liked me much!

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