Here’s your dose of perspective, straight, no chaser.

So I’m topping off the power steering fluid in my car when my cell phone goes off. I recognize the exchange as being from work, which I had just left an hour and a half before from the weekly staff meeting.

On the phone is my boss, who says that she has bad news and a favor to ask, and which would I like first?

In that split second, I had already leapt to the conclusion that I had been demoted back to being an agent, or was being fired, and I had no idea what the favor could possibly be. Please don’t sue the company, maybe.

So I opted for the bad news first.

She tells me the bad news.

One of my agents was killed by a drunk driver on his bike home from work last night.

The favor was to talk to a reporter in an “unofficial” capacity, since we can’t comment on his work habits or anything. To which I agreed, of course. Wasn’t much I could tell her — I only really knew him professionally, not much personally. I got a little more information from the reporter — kid was only 19, the drunk who hit him and kept on going (and they caught him, there was a trail of car parts and radiator fluid) had a history of DUI, so he’ll be going away for a very long time, I trust.

Being fired or demoted seems rather frivolous as bad news now.


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  1. nsingman on

    My heart goes out to the poor kid’s family, friends and loved ones. Only 19! Barely more than a child. I’m very glad they caught the vehicular killer, and I hope it is indeed a long time before he can cause another tragedy.

  2. surakofb5 on

    Sadly, having a history of DUI does not guarantee that you’ll be put away. There was a case a few years ago of a guy who killed someone while DUI, while awaiting trial for another DUI accident.

    But I hope they do throw away the key on this one.

  3. gmhelwig on

    I’ve just one word to say about that.

    Rhymes with duck. You might have heard it before.

    Please forward my condolences to his family. (And I wonder if I trained him.)

    • Might have, he’s only been on the floor about a month or thereabouts. The obituary is here. I’m going to the visitation tomorrow before I come in. May or may not go to the funeral; it depends on whether I get sleep overnight or not–otherwise it means doing a 36-hour day, and that’s not bloody likely.

      • gmhelwig on

        I checked his employee record, and I did train him.

  4. cashewlou on

    Gods. It really does put things in perspective, doesn’t it?

    • Especially when it occurred to me that when I was his age, Dad was my age. Don’t think *that* didn’t send a shiver up my spine.

  5. tharain on

    I’m so sorry, guy. =-(

  6. jayteeone on

    Dude, that just sucks. My deepest condolences. When I was 19 I didn’t know you yet. When you were 19 I think you were a sophmore and i was in my senior year at Woo. 19 is way too young. I hope they put the guy away for a very long time in with a cellmate named bubba whose family was hit by a drunk driver.

    • Dude… when I was 19, I was ending my junior/starting my senior year. You forget what a youngster I was there. :)

      Yeah, basically, I hope that the guy who did it never feels happy again for the rest of his life. I want his days miserable, his sleep haunted by nightmares, and his face never again touched by a smile. The only pity I feel for him is that I think it’s a pity we can’t give him the chair for his stupidity and arrogance.

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