Orson Welles played a planet once…

Actually, Orson Welles was a planet by the end. Anyway, scarfed from , the “Which imaginary planet fits you” test.

Hopefully someone can illuminate me. I’ve never heard of the planet or the author.

Your Score: Archform: Beauty

Your world is 80% Sophisticated, 49% Unconventional, and 19% Intense!

You’ve landed in the futuristic world of L.E. Modesitt Jr. (Think Archform: Beauty or The Octagonal Raven). Intelligent and plausable, yet typical and entirely low-key. You probably live on Earth several hundred years in the future. Your society is a whole lot like modern Earth’s, but with its share of differences. You can access the ‘net with a thought because of your nifty nanotech implants. You probably don’t visibly age until the last few years of your life, when organ failure kicks in. If by chance the fate of the world ends up resting in your hands, it will probably hinge more on corporate takeover and less on killing Mr. Bad.

Link: The Which Imaginary World Fits You Test written by Azurain on OkCupid

I mean, dayamn. I was counting on Gallifrey or Terminus or Magrathea…


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  1. argh_jim on

    Same here.

    • That is *so* Jack Kirby… :)

      • argh_jim on

        That, square faces, and background walls of incredibly complex, undefined equipment pretty much defined Jack.

      • argh_jim on

        …and come to think it, this PARTICULAR image may be John Byrne.

        • Then he was channelling Jack. That image just *screams* Kirby.

          • argh_jim on

            Agreed, but it’s Byrne. Found the original in FF #235. You can even see the FF’s PogoPlane in the upper left.

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