What really pisses me off about Senator Craig

It’s not the rampant hypocrisy.

It’s not the Republican scandal of the week that the press will only play with long enough to get their money’s worth out of it before going back to deliberately ignoring Dumbass’ crimes.

It’s the fact that this scumbag is repeatedly shrieking “I’m not gay!!!” as though it would be some horrific, unforgivable thing if he were. As if being gay was a bad thing. As if it was a disease.

Shit, I don’t want him on my team, but I’m not the one who gets to divvy up the players.

Of course, what’s funny is that the more desperate his denials get, the more he sounds like a bitchy old queen. XD


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  1. gmhelwig on

    Being gay is bad, to Republicans. And to Democrats too, it seems, especially the Christian Fundamentalist kind of Democrats who you could argue are really Republicans in disguise.

    Really, it’s only so disgusting because it is a politician doing it. Guys have needs.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      It’s not disgusting because a politician did it … it’s disgusting because a politician who has reliably voted against gay equality did it. That’s hypocrisy most pols don’t aspire to…

  2. argh_jim on

    Worse, do you REALLY think there would be this big cry to resign if he had been having an affair with a woman, or soliciting from a (female) prostitute? No, for the GOP, those calls are reserved for Democrats.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Well, of course. The GHP (Grand Hypocritical Party) believes that what determines whether something is right or wrong depends entirely on whether it was done by a Democrat or a Republican. Unless it’s Teh Gay. Then it’s *always* wrong, *especially* if a Repug did it. Sheesh.

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