My cat has fanart.

has a new sketchbook for ‘random material’. He asked my roommate for a drawing. My cat’s name is Random. It was probably inevitable. :)


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  1. gmhelwig on

    Yay! First comment!

    I hope.

    Devirginizing my sketchbook, I was asked for a theme, and I just said, “Oh, anything random. You pick.”

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Oh, good. My roommate deflowered your book with my cat. I don’t have enough pain medication to sleep after that mental image!

  2. cashewlou on

    He certainly has captured Random. That yowl of his is like a railroad spike driven through the temple.

  3. surakofb5 on

    *grin* Yup, that’s Random.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      I oughta see if I can bring him by OVFF for a visit this year. It’s his 15th anniversary, after all.

      • surakofb5 on

        Egads! Already?

        Sadly, I’m not planning to be at OVFF this year. I have “Girls Explore Engineering” starting at 8am that Saturday, which kills most of the weekend. I just wish I wasn’t missing the Dorsai year.

        • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

          You could show up at least for the jam session and Dead Dog!

          Anyway, yup, I got him at OVFF ’92. I thought he was a big orange cat. He turned out to be a big orange kitten. I walked into the con suite, and there’s with this big orange cat in her arms. And my first thought was Yeesh, not another cat, there’s three in the apartment already!

          And she hands him to me and he has this thunderous purr… and the next words out of my mouth were “I guess I need a name for my cat.”

          Being a convention, an ad hoc Feline Naming Committee was immediately formed.

          The first suggestion was ‘Amber’, which I rejected on the basis of being a girl’s name and this was a boy cat. And then I hear, “Amber … amber … amberamberamber Nine princes in Amber! Prince Random was a redhead!”

          Thus, Random.

          Little did we know that his beautiful purr is counterbalanced by his meow… :)

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