It’s a good day to not be a ‘Kool-Ade drinker’!

Congratulations to President Gore (dammit, you, me, and everyone but five hypocrites on the Supreme Court know damn well he won that election) on his Nobel Peace Prize! I hope that whiny usurper feels left out and annoyed that he got passed over — you know Dumbass thinks he deserves one for all his work “fighting turrists”.

And a tepid thank you to General Ricardo Sanchez for finally speaking the truth about Iraq. It’s just too damn bad he couldn’t do that four years ago, or that he didn’t do anything about the nightmare that was Abu Ghraib. And why, if he claims he had doubts about the mission from the day he took over in Iraq, didn’t he do anything while he was in a position to make a difference? (Here’s a CNN link, not that they made it easy to find, or had it linked from their front page … oh, no, news of ticket scalpers hitting the Hannah Montana concert tour was the most important thing they had to tell us about… sheesh)

Too little, too late. Nice to see you’ve woken up. Pity it doesn’t help the hundreds of thousands of dead and wounded Iraqis, to say nothing of the thousands of your own soldiers.


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  1. gmhelwig on

    Bush won, deal with it.

    Uhmm… No. Gore did not win. I would suggest you actually read the rather lengthy decision by the US Supreme Court in Bush v Gore. But to summarize, the decision they reached on 12/12/00, the latest possible date for certifying the ballot.

    The full decision, with all dissents, can be read at:

    and many other websites.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Re: Bush won, deal with it.

      I have read the decision, and the dissents. I read them the week they were released. I have also studied the independent analyses of the actual vote counts. Bush lost Florida, and the election; however, he had it handed to him anyway by “his” faction of the Supreme Court on grounds that had nothing to do with the law and everything to do with politics.

      The five member majority deliberately ignored their own personal precedents in asserting Federal law over state–these five were regular and reliable and nearly unquestioned supporters or states’ rights. And instead, they took matters away from the state and decided for them, without allowing the recount to finish. The 12th of December was in no way, shape or form a deadline. They hijacked the process so they could get “their” man in office.

      Nearly every recount method has to date produced a Gore victory. The only one that didn’t, curiously, was the one put forward by Gore’s team. The recount process Bush’s team wanted produced a Gore victory.

      The 2000 election was stolen, period. As was 2004 — you live in Ohio, you know what was going on here.

      • gmhelwig on

        Re: Bush won, deal with it.


        Bush won Florida in 2000.

        It is not just the SCOTUS decision, but also Florida election law.

        People go to vote on the appointed date and the ballots are counted as per the formula selected by the Florida government in effect on that election date. That formula was: count the votes, if less than one percent different, there is an automatic recount, then the Secretary of State of Florida certifies the results. At that time, challenges to the results may be filed, and recounts done. And whatever the results are on December 12 become the official results.

        Unfortunately, due to various legal filings on both sides, the vote was never certified. The Florida Supreme Court would not allow the vote to be certified as required by Florida State Law. As a result, none of the challenges were legal.

        Bush won Ohio in 2004. Whether this was from voting irregularities or something else, we won’t know because, unlike Gore, Kerry did the gentlemanly thing and conceded, thus assuring we know, beyond doubt, who won in 2004.

        Regardless of your, or my, opinions on the matter, Gore never was, and is not now, President.

        In my opinion, we do not currently have a President.

        • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

          Re: Bush won, deal with it.

          On that last sentence, we are in 100% agreement.

          I sometimes like to envision where we might be right now, with a President who could be bothered to actually read a report titled ‘Bin Laden Determined To Strike Inside US With Planes’. And who, if forced into action in Afghanistan, would actually stay there and finish the job, not trade if for a fraudulent war that distracts our troops so the people who did hit us on 9/11 return to power.

          Al Gore is my president, not the usurper. He did not win. He was awarded it in 2000 by a politicized court, and stole it in 2004 with the full connivance of the man who was responsible for ensuring fair elections in this state. He assumed the office. He did not win it.

          • gmhelwig on

            Re: Bush won, deal with it.

            If any court awarded the 2000 election to Bush, it was not SCOTUS, but Florida.

            See, the Florida Supreme Court decided that Florida’s election laws should be ignored. The Florida Supreme Court decided also to ignore the “Equal Protection” clause, and only recount votes in specific districts.

            Further, as I recall, none of the recounts gave Gore a lead. Bush was ahead every time.

            Sorry to disappoint you, but Gore lost Florida.

            • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

              No. He. Didn’t.

              No. He. Didn’t. He certainly assumed the office, or had it awarded to him, but the only election he actually won was a 5-4 vote in the Supreme Court — and that ultimately came down to one man, Anthony Kennedy, who I hope regrets his decision down to the very core of his being. He was awarded it. He stole it. But he did not legitimately win it. And actually, most of the recount methods–ironically, not the one the Florida Supreme Court wanted and the US Supreme Court terminated–gave Gore the win. And despite the misleading title of this Post article, they go on to show that most recount methods give the win to Gore. And most importantly, this:

              “Gore’s largest margin in a statewide recount involving all ballots comes under a scenario that sought to recreate the standards established by each of the counties in their recounts. In that case, Gore emerged with 171 more votes than Bush.”

              So don’t tell me that smirking chimp won. We will agree that he took it, he was awarded it (by Katherine Harris or SCOTUS, take your pick), he stole it (with the connivance of Harris and/or Diebold), he usurped it, he claimed it, but outside of a 5-4 vote in the Supreme Court, he did not win it.

              • gmhelwig on

                Re: No. He. Didn’t.

                1. The vote was note 5-4, it was 7-2.

                2. Every justice of SCOTUS dissented.

                3. Florida law was not followed. Upon this fact is built the SCOTUS decision.

                Ergo: Bush was not awarded Florida by SCOTUS. The decision was that the Florida Court needed to better define their decision.

                Sadly, this decision came too late for any recount to occur.

                Result: By popular vote as best known on 12 December 2000, Bush won Florida.

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