The Car Destruction Field still works.

I have this serious negative mojo with matters automotive.

I mean, serious. My friends refer to it as the CDF: Car Destruction Field. I’m like plutonium to cars.

So I get the starter replaced last Wednesday, just in time to be able to go up to Toledo yesterday for Mom and Dad’s 45th anniversary party (wotta blast that was!).

I have gotten to within five miles of Mom and Dad’s house, just passing the mosque where I-75 meets I-475 south of Toledo, when my muffler detaches itself. Not completely; it just drags. I get it to the house, Dad and I wire it up so I can drive it home (noisily, but home). I get the Evil Eye from a state trooper who ultimately decides that he won’t pull me over for a noise violation, but he sure followed me a while.



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