Thinkin’ ’bout writin’

So has an interesting meme/question going, which is:

What would you say are the trademarks of my writing? What themes or quirks or turns of phrase have you noticed? What is it that makes a story by me — well, a story by me?

There being not so many who have seen my writing (my dear fellow Vanguarders, various folks from HoIF, one or two from APA:D, and a few who probably only know my writing style from my MSTings—if you don’t know the alphabet soup, you weren’t there :D), it’s not really a fair question for me to ask—although those familiar are certainly welcome to kick in their tuppence).

I know what my primary theme is.

Culture shock.

Generally in the form of someone who wants nothing more than a normal life thrown into circumstances that force them to act abnormally. I know in Vanguard, by the time we wrapped in ’94, Geoff still hadn’t quite given up on his middle-American white picket fence and two car garage dreams despite being the leader of the national superhero team and quite definately not a normal person… or even really Terran, for that matter.

I might consider tackling the reverse—the special person forced to live a normal middle-American life—but ‘The Incredibles’ already did that.

I am also aware that I rarely write short, declarative sentences. I love the em-dash and ellipses and parenthetical statements, perhaps too much. And while I’m not as far over the edge as H.P. Lovecraft, I don’t often leave words and phrases unmodified. I can spin on a dime from full, complete (if not overcomplete) and formal sentence structure to sentence fragments and vernacular/vulgar usage.




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