And in regard to ‘Time Crash’…


I’ve never been a big fan of the Fifth Doctor — Seventh Doctor and Ace, Second Doctor and Jamie, they’re more my speed — but yes.

And Steven Moffatt rocks, even in short-form.

One other thing. I love the new series. I love the new fans it’s brought to the great series; most of the ones I’ve talked to have moved on to discover the original series for themselves. I am annoyed that they call it first, second, third season (sorry, it’s the 27th, 28th and 29th, and we’re heading into the 30th), but that’s Auntie Beeb’s fault.


Nothing annoys me like referring to the Doctors by only their ordinal number. ‘The Chase’ brought together the Fifth and Tenth Doctors, not “Ten and Five”. I miss Christopher Eccleston’s portrayal of the Ninth Doctor, not “Nine”. AAAAUGH!!! Just STOP IT! The Doctor is not a number, he is a free man… Gallifreyan… whatever!


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  1. chilayse on

    I tend to say first second or third season of the recent episodes or from the resuming of the series in 2005..usually adding something like that to keep people from being confused since many times the most recent seasons are all that people have seen and if you give different numbers they get very confused.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      It still grates on me a little. I mean, Auntie Beeb is doing it themselves so I’m just a purist voice in the wilderness, but it just seems to be disrespectful of the 26 seasons that made Doctor Who what it is.

  2. argh_jim on

    Psst: “Time Crash”, not “The Chase” or “The Crash”

  3. argh_jim on

    From now on, I will only refer to the Doctors by their regeneration. So, Eccleston is the Eighth Doctor.

    Happy now? :D

  4. surakofb5 on

    I was wondering when you’d get around to watching it. :)

    It seems like everything they do just keeps getting better and better.

    “You’ve changed the desktop theme!”

  5. bass_o_matic on

    It’s very good, and very sentimental writing on a lot of points. It’s wonderful to see Peter Davison reprise his role, and he and David Tennant seem to have a lot of fun with it.

    Point to note – the soundtrack for the entire piece is pretty much consistent with the new musical score, until 3:15. For about 10 seconds it goes back to the old synth style reminiscent of the old BBC radiophonic workshop, and then back to the new score.. Nice reach out. :-) “Belguim… that’s a bit undramatic, isn’t it”… Had me in stitches.

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