I suppose this was inevitable.

In a finite but very large fanbase, there will be at least one person with the creative talent to pull off The Ten Doctors. Page 42 sealed the deal for me. And he’s nowhere near done. XD

Happy (belated) anniversary, Doc … missed it by two days, but I was busy stuffing myself stupid that day…


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  1. argh_jim on

    Really? Even though the docs refer to each other as numbers? :D

  2. argh_jim on

    Follow up, having read it now. Strictly IMHO, of course, and YMMV.

    It’s way too convoluted and wide-ranging for a single story. He’s trying to push in too much. I understand that that’s going to be an occupational hazard if you want to try to get proper “screen time” for ten Doctors, but really it looks to me like he’s insisting on pushing at least a reference, if not an outright appearance, to everyone who ever appeared in a single episode in the last 44 years.

    Ten out of ten (Doctors) for ambition, and the art isn’t half bad, but minus several million for the execution. I seriously doubt that he has any idea where this story is going.

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