And then there were none.

April 30, 1992 – January 4, 2008

I have just returned from the vet’s, where I had had Random put to sleep. He had suffered massive kidney failure. I petted him until he was gone.

He had been with me since 1992, when I took him home from OVFF. Random was found as a stray, and they were looking for a home for him. and I were still dating then; I walked into the con suite to find her for the drive back to Bowling Green, and there she was with this big orange cat in her arms.

My first thought was, Great. We already have three cats in the apartment!

She handed him to me.

He had a purr like an Evinrude outboard motor.

And the first words out of my mouth were, “I guess I need a name for my cat.”

To my fellow fen in the room, this was the same as saying, “I guess we need to form an ad hoc cat-naming committee.” The first suggestion was Amber, because of his bright orange color. This was nixed because the cat was definitely male.

Off to my side, I hear, “Amber… Amber… Amber… ‘Nine Princes in Amber’ — Prince Random was a redhead!”

Couldn’t ask for a better name.

Rule Number One: Never give a cat a name he can live up to.

He had been with me for, well, more than a third of my life now.

I’m going to miss him lots.


24 comments so far

  1. jungle_goddess on

    I’m so sorry.

  2. tchall on

    *hugs* My condolences. It’s never easy losing a good friend and companion. *hugs again*

  3. the_dark_snack on

    May both of your souls find peace and fulfillment.

  4. ratmmjess on

    Aw, damn. So sorry.

  5. billfl on

    I’m really sorry, man.

  6. joecoustic on

    I’m so sorry.

  7. the_sheryl on

    I’m so sorry. I know how hard it is lose a critter who’s been in your life for so long.

  8. sailormac on

    I’m so sorry — I can’t imagine what it must be like losing an animal who’s been a companion for that long. :/

  9. surakofb5 on

    I’m so sorry.

  10. cashewlou on

    *hug* I am very sorry to hear this, especially as it follow Mavis’ death less than a month before. I know firsthand how important both your cats were to you.

    At least they are both together now and driving themselves nuts with the great big laser pointer in the sky.

  11. janis_and_co on

    Oh, I’m so sorry :( *HUG*

  12. soundwave106 on

    Sorry to hear that. :(

  13. gavinworld on

    I’m so sorry. He looks very cute in the photo.

  14. jayteeone on

    Dude, that just sucks. I’m so very sorry. *HUGS*

  15. bizarra on


    Oh I’m so sorry to hear this. :( *hugs* I have tears in my eyes as I type. Wish we were there for you.

  16. crystalgee on

    I am so sorry to hear this :(

  17. dragonscholar on

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Our thoughts here are with you.

  18. gmhelwig on

    I can offer you my shoulder to cry on, if you need it, and an empathetic ear to talk to, if you need it, so I do.

  19. bass_o_matic on

    I am so sorry to read of your loss, especially so close on the heels of Mavis.

  20. nsingman on

    Our condolences on his passing, Rev.

  21. gorgeousgary on

    Poor kitty. So sorry to hear about Random’s passing. *hugs*

  22. rms_butterfly on

    I’m so sorry for your loss.

  23. johnpalmer on

    Oh, poor Random… I’m going to miss him too. I guess he was getting pretty old, but still…

    My deepest sympathies.

  24. thattallguy201 on

    Two in a month! That’s about as bad as I can imagine. I feel for you.

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