An embarrassment of riches

I haven’t felt this good about being a Democrat in a long time. I really honestly don’t care whether the nominee is ultimately Obama or Clinton, either one would be such a vast improvement over both what we currently have, and what the other side is offering. I will be perfectly happy with a President Obama or a President Clinton. I’d’ve also been perfectly happy with a President Kucinich, a President Gravel, a President Richardson, a President Dodd, a President Biden. Strongest field I can ever remember running. It is a very good year to be a Democrat.

So, I have no idea which one I’m going to vote for in the Ohio primary. I like Obama’s style. I like Hillary’s experience. I might still write in Kucinich because I’m an ornery Liberal cuss.

What I haven’t sorted out yet whether I’m impressed that either way we’re going to have a candidate of color or a female candidate… or disappointed that it’s taken this long for either barrier to fall. I do find it fascinating that the two “barriers” are going head-to-head, though. Is it more meaningful that the color barrier be broken, or the glass ceiling, or should both be considered broken just because of who our two remaining candidates are?

Oh, and Wolf Blitzer is a doofus.


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  1. cashewlou on

    Vice President Harkin? o(:o)

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Couldn’t do it with Obama, it’s an adjoining state. That stratagem only works if you’re a Dem trying to dogpile on the South.

      I’m thinking either a Clinton/Obama ticket or an Obama/Clinton ticket would turn the trick. I prefer the Clinton/Obama ticket because that way Obama gets the experience to turn around and run in eight years and win.

      It’s deeply, deeply weird to have a serious candidate who’s only two years older than I am, though…

  2. argh_jim on

    I like how Obama inspires people. Maybe get people WANTING to participate in the process, rather than sitting back and watching it happen. That appeals greatly to me.

    Hilary would probably win an election of all Democrats.
    Obama will likely win an election of all voters.

    I don’t see a real reason to vote for Hilary. Not that my vote counts; in WA, the Dems are setting their delegates by caucus ONLY. Which raises the question of why I have to pay for an election here, but….

    Hell, get Bill Richardson in there as the running mate. A Black man as President, a Hispanic as VP. Wouldn’t THAT be something?

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Richardson brings badly-needed foreign policy experience to the table, so he’d make a stellar Veep candidate for either Barack or Hillary. Or put him in charge of Foggy Bottom.

      Ohio’s vote in the primary hasn’t meant a damn thing in living memory — it’s all over with by the time it gets here. But I still vote. This will be the first time in a long time that I see a realistic probability of getting in the booth and just standing there, still trying to make up my mind.

  3. joecoustic on

    I left the debate last night feeling pretty similar.

    While the pundits were saying how terrible it was that neither distinguished themselves enough or showed how different they were than the other I felt much better just because of that. I’ve been so focused on how similar they were in bad ways and thus bemoaning the fact that there was no real difference in the negatives (both too conservative on many issues for my taste). Last night I realized that they were both similar (and slightly different) in some good ways too. They still might not be the choices I wanted politically (historically it’s amazing and wonderful) but maybe they will hold up. And Obama got me with the hope talk a few weeks ago – I’ve just been waiting for some substance from either/both of them that would inspire me too.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      My absolute preferences are either not running (Tom Harkin) or deceased long before their time (Paul Wellstone) — if Mike Gravel is on the ballot in March, I might vote that way. I’ve been a little concerned with some of the Democratic infighting, especially some of the comments I heard on Air America in the wake of Edwards’ decision to drop.

      Sure, both of them are more conservative than I am. And then I look at what the other side of the aisle is offering. While I am not a fan of the centrist DLC (of which Bill and Hillary both are leading figures), at least they’re not arch-plutocratic theocrats and would-be Inquisitors.

  4. nebula5 on

    Agreeance. Due to a scheduling snafu I’m not going to be able participate in our state’s caucus next Saturday. And while I would have liked to have been there, I’ll be happy with pretty much whoever ends up the winner. I’ll admit that none of the candidates match my views 100%, so I’ve had a hard time backing any one of them, but the ones still standing are close enough to make me happy.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      I learned the art of ‘close enough’ a long time ago. No one’s going to represent me all the way… so who’s going to represent me better than the others is the only question worth asking. A lot of people lose sight of the overriding goal — evicting Dubya and his clique from power — because they get so wrapped up in their pet candidate.

      What’s weird for me this year is that I really don’t have a favorite. Kucinich was my ‘favorite son’, but he’s out. I like Gravel a lot, but his chances can be mathematically stated as zero. I may seriously just go into the voting booth and flip a coin…

      …which, since I live in a state served by Diebold machines, means that my vote probably wouldn’t be counted correctly in the first place. Word has it our new Secretary of State is going to try to evict all the wonky electronic boxes before the primary, though… yes!!!

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