Tuesday? Super!

Hee. Religious whackjob Huckabee is winning a couple tonight, Romney and McCain are splitting the rest, and all is mayhem over there! So much for Johnny’s prediction that he would wrap it up tonight. I am so enjoying this!

I would so love to have to run against Huckabee this fall. Obviously, if McCain gets the nomination, he can’t even count on his own party to vote for him.

Some may call it schadenfreude … I call it wunnerful, wunnerful.


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  1. argh_jim on

    I just want the concession selling shirts that say “I [heart] Huckabee”

    McCain vs. Clinton… that would be unfortunate. Everyone in the middle AND extremes would be left scratching their heads.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      I would vote Clinton without reservation.

      • argh_jim on

        I’d vote Clinton, with reservations. Not over McCain, but that there was no one better available.

    • soundwave106 on

      Eh, perhaps. But even McCain or Clinton will be 100x better than Bush. Yeah, even McCain. At this point, I’ll take Obama over either one of the other three main contenders, but personally I’m just happy we don’t have four more years of idiocy, pretty much guaranteed.

      McCain may be shaping up to be the John Kerry this year — the most “electable” Republican that ends up falling flat. The economy’s becoming very very important. If we are in full-blown recession mode in November, and terrorism has slipped a few notches in importance, I can’t see McCain winning versus any Democrat. But it’s a long time to November.

      • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

        I’ve already begun wondering what skullduggery Rove on his own, and the Bushie machine are going to come up with. Bets on suddently catching bin Laden in October? I wouldn’t put it past him. Although there’s *no* love lost between McCain and Dumbass. I can’t see Dumbass rising to his aid, even if GOP control of the White House were threatened.

        I think McCain would be at best 5% better than Bush. I mean, this is the ‘we could be in Iraq another hundred years’ guy.

        • soundwave106 on

          Sure, but what McCain isn’t is a religious nut. Yes, McCain tried to half-ass pander to the religious right. It didn’t get him very far — that same crowd also tends to be the “whites only” crowd that hates him for his immigration compromise.

          McCain also works with Democrats, whereas the Bush administration preferred to thumb their nose at them.

          But yes, McCain is very much a foreign policy hawk (though at least he’s against torture), not an economic one. Which is why I think, despite the current theoretical head-to-heads, even Clinton could beat McCain at this point.

  2. ataniell93 on

    McCain can’t even count on ME any more to vote for him in a November election.

    (And you know how much I used to like him.)

    I really am glad I didn’t have to decide between Hillary and Obama. It’s not like I’d mind either one in November. I’m just glad it’s not Kucinich. My worst nightmare would be Huckabee vs Kucinich: a religious wingnut vs. someone who has ANIMAL RIGHTS as a plank in his platform.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      The better Huckabee does, the happier I am — it’d be a landslide of epic proportions for the Dems if they were damnfool enough to give him the nomination. :)

      I’m trending Obama … but I really don’t care. Either one of them, I will vote for with no nostril-holding.

  3. avon_deer on

    BBC had a whole segment on it last night. I of course am hoping for a left wing (or at least the closest thing you guys have to left wing) victory in November. However I must say from what I have seen of McCain, it seems that it would be no real disaster if he won in the end. Certainly the lesser of two evils when compared to Huck(1). McCain seems to be a Republican that I could personally “do business” with.

    Would you say I was correct there?

    (1) Forgive my pessimism. Being British I am used to approaching elections as a damage limitation exercise, rather than be deluded into thinking anything is really going to change for the better.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      McCain has his own set of looney baggage–this is the “We could be in Iraq a hundred years” guy. A McCain presidency would represent only a marginal improvement: he’s completely behind the Iraq war. That said, he does play better with Democrats than most other Repubs do… but a McCain presidency would still be a disaster. First off, if he gets the nomination, he’s going to have to pick a real wingnut as a running mate just to make the Talebangelical wing of the party happy (I wouldn’t be too surprised if he in fact picks Huckabee)… and he’s already 72. The odds of said wingnut VP having to take over are distressing–a Huckabee presidency would be biblical only in the extent of disaster it would be.

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