Signs of the Times

I have seen signs for every major candidate all over Columbus.

Except John McCain. A new poll released yesterday or today shows him losing to Hillary, and losing even bigger to Obama.

I mean, I see more Ron Paul signs than any other Repug–‘course, the only Huckabee presence I’ve seen are three loons on an overpass holding up a sign for him.

Bexley: nothin’ but Obama. Grandview: Obama and Hillary both. Haven’t taken a drive through Dublin yet.

Mostly Obama in this neighborhood, with a few Hillary, and two Ron Paul.

Meanwhile, I am going to see Obama tomorrow morning at St John’s Arena on campus. I will post pictures. Woot!


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  1. chilayse on

    No signs were here except at the polling places. No candidates visit here because we don’t matter to them. We just try to figure out which one is lying the least and pick them.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Have you had your primary or caucus yet? ‘Cause it ain’t over yet, that’s for sure.

      • chilayse on

        What’s a Caucus?

        Primary was in the beginning of the month.

  2. avon_deer on

    How long before the actual election?

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      The party primaries are next Tuesday, 4 March. The general election isn’t until November. I like the way you do it — six weeks’ intense campaigning and *boom*, done.

  3. cashewlou on

    My educated guess is that Dublin would be about 90% for McCain. o(:oP

  4. surakofb5 on

    Driving in my neighborhood Wednesday evening, all the yard signs for president were for Obama. (There are also signs for local races and anti-war signs that have been up for years.)

    I had a message at home inviting me to a campaign rally (I think with Bill Clinton, part of the message cut off), but it’s on a workday and in another county, so I’m not even considering it.

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