Oh, yeah!

6:30 in the morning. It’s cold and wet and dreary and raining and Tuesday.

And before the doors even opened, there was a line halfway down the hall at the polling place.

That is how it’s supposed to work!

Oh, and I could vote paper ballot — I said I didn’t like the electronic machines and would prefer to vote paper, and they took me right over to vote on a paper ballot.


Let me just add: fuck you, Ken Blackwell. I love the newer, bluer Ohio.


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  1. avon_deer on

    That is how it’s supposed to work!

    It certainly IS! I envy that kind of turn out. You just do not see it in UK elections any more. Mind you, you lot still have a sort of noticible left/right split. That does not exist here anymore. Everyone occupies the “centre” ground. This results in a cynical approach to voting, in which we know every party will fuck us. It’s just a question of chosing the one that will use the least intrusive strap on with which to do it.

    • Actually, we have a lot of center/sociopath split, not left/right. We don’t really have anything seriously on the left anymore. I’m hoping that Obama will spearhead a progressive reawakening.

  2. surakofb5 on

    The kid at the polling place said the line was out the door at 6:30, but there was no line by the time I got there at 8am. So clearly it paid to sleep in a bit. ;-) But they’re expecting long lines again tonight.

    Ugh, the guy in the next cube is loudly spouting Republican party lines. I’m going to stick my fingers in my ears and hum real loud…

  3. johnpalmer on

    You know what makes me really happy? Blackwell, when told that he was starting to look like the “Katherine Harris of Ohio”, said that Katherine Harris was a rep, so she wasn’t doing too badly.

    Maybe he could run for dog catcher… just for the added humiliation.

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