Easy way to get my vote

Pursue war profiteering charges against the oil companies. It’s approaching USD3.50/gallon (or for my metrically inclined friends, it’s getting damn close to a buck a liter). Because they’re making record profits in the history of business and not just relative to last year. This means, obviously, that the run-up in prices is *not* due entirely to the run-up in the cost per barrel.

Survived the blizzard okay. Was snowed in Saturday and Sunday both, but can travel freely now. Not that I can go far on gas prices like that.

The good news that I take out of last Tuesday’s primaries is that if Hillary gets the nomination, she’s one hell of a fighter. I still prefer Obama, but I’ll take either one. If he can win Pennsylvania, though, that should pretty much moot things.

Weird year.


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  1. jayteeone on

    Profiteering during wartime is considered an offense punishable by a bullet through the brain pan. I believe we should include those who aided and abetted the perpetrators, namely George, Dick, Donald, and Karl.

  2. argh_jim on

    Here’s the thing, though… neither candidate can get enough non-super delegates to win the nomination outright. Short of one them giving up (unlikely) or deciding on a joint ticket (extremely unlike, and probably unwise), this will go all the way to the convention. If one candidate wins more raw votes and delegates, and the supers swing the nomination to the other candidate, there will be outright revolt in the Dem party.

    Heaven help us all if they put Florida and Michigan back into play at this point.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      The only thing they can rightly do with Michigan and Florida is re-vote. Hillary may have won them, but she did not win them in a fair head-to-head fight.

      More importanly, we have to remind everyone that the Dems in Florida were 100% the victims of a GOP-controlled state government: they were not allowed to set their own date, they were screwed deliberately by the Party Opposite. Michigan, to my knowledge, did it to themselves, but I am open to being corrected here.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      And I agree–whoever comes into the convention with a majority of elected/caucused delegates should walk out the nominee. The superdelegates have a responsibility to ratify the will of the electorate, not override it. And then the national party needs to get rid of the vast majority of superdelegates, if not all of them outright, or at least make rules as to how they should vote. Congressmen should be bound to vote the way their district voted; governors and senators should be bound to the way their state voted overall. Free superdelegates should be few and far between.

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