I’m not the one who effing well broke it!

I’m being demoted.

Not because of performance problems or inability to do my work.

Because some beancounter three or four levels over my boss’ boss’ head thinks the profit margin isn’t big enough.

I don’t hear *him* volunteering for a pay cut.

Fuck this. I had a killer interview Wednesday morning, I’m taking the first offer that comes along that runs at least six months.

This is absolute bullshit. We’re already grossly underpaid, but apparently we’re not underpaid enough.


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  1. cashewlou on

    That place has had a long history of treating its employees like slaves, at best, with burger-flipper wages and little to no benefits.

    Here’s hoping you and I both land something more worthy of our talents soon!

  2. tharain on

    What a SHOCKER that the people who recommend/demand the pay cuts, don’t consider themselves as fodder.


  3. johnpalmer on

    You should also check unemployment regulations. If you’re demoted or your pay is cut, it is sometimes grounds for leaving with full eligibility for unemployment.

    I’m not saying that’s the path you should follow, but you should be aware of your standing in that situation. (You should also know whether or not you should say “or…?” and wait for your boss to answer “or what?” so you can say “…or I’ll be laid off? Because you know that I’m not going to put up with this.” )

  4. exquiscadavre on

    That sucks!

  5. avon_deer on

    Funny how corporations seem to be able to apply their own values to people’s labour. Shame we as consumers are not able to set our own price when it comes to corporate products.

    I happen to think that Heinz charge at least 5p too much for their baked beans in Tesco. Maybe I will just take it upon myself to pay 5p less. Oh no, silly me; that’ll end up with me in jail.

    Double standards if you ask me.

  6. surakofb5 on

    What a tremendous load of horse manure. Apparently your executives and my executives have been comparing notes. No word on when our next round of layoffs will be, but soon we think.

    You definitely need to get out of there. Good luck with the job hunt.

    At some point we need to go for coffee again.

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