That’s gonna throw a pall over things

Bob Asprin, scheduled to be GoH at Marcon here in Columbus this weekend, died in New Orleans just before he was to be picked up for his flight in for the con…


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  1. surakofb5 on

    In the “it could have been worse” category, at least he didn’t die at the convention.

    The Dorsai converged on Marcon and had a filk wake for Bob on Friday night. The general feeling is that Bob would have appreciated it.

    • You mean like Pat Troughton (the Second Doctor) did at Magnum Opus Con II in Georgia?

      Yeah, I expect it was a heckuva celebration. I mean, there’s no love lost between myself and Marcon, but dayamn that sucked.

      • surakofb5 on

        Troughton, yeah. I couldn’t remember who it was. I thought there was at least one case with an author dying, but I could be confused.

        I didn’t see the filk wake they had for Bob because I was busy with rehearsals (plus I never read Asprin’s work). But I heard it was good.

        Programming had to do some last-minute scrambling, because Bill Fawcett and GoH Jody Lynn Nye also canceled when they got the news, and that took out a big chunk of literary programming. A few other authors stepped in to fill some of the gaps.

        • I have read Asprin, and I wasn’t especially a fan, because it all got very repetetive very quickly, I thought. There might be an author who passed at a con, but none I can think of — Troughton’s the only high-profile example that comes to mind.

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