Why I don’t play chess more

Played a quick pickup game on Chessmaster for the PS2. Now, I’m not a good chess player, never have been, and have no expectation that I ever will be. I can’t think further ahead than my current move. I decided on a whim to have my latest loss analyzed by the computer.

Never in the annals of chess have I seen an analysis start with the word “Yikes!” I think I’d’ve preferred the more traditional ? or ??…


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  1. argh_jim on

    You have to be worried when the computer says, “Um… How about a nice game of Thermonuclear War?”

    • See, the thing is, I can accept that I suck at golf. We all do, if we’re not getting paid to do it. But I’m a maths genius. I should at least be able to grok more than the base fundamentals of chess. And I really, really can’t. I’ve had one or two really inspired games, but they come on the order of decades apart.

      I’m waiting for an analysis that says “You should take up bowling.”

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