Oh, NOW what?

WTF is this? I bring up my journal, and all the links are now followed by little preview popups!

WHY does LJ insist on automatically inflicting shit on us without asking first?



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  1. chilayse on

    can turn it off over here:


    I hate that they made it on automatically though. Not everyone wants new crap like that…especially when it really IS crap like that.

    • I have repeatedly put, on , that they make a little pop-up asking what setting the viewer prefers prefer.

      They have repeatedly shot it down saying “no one wants that”. :P

      • chilayse on

        you mean..you DON’T love their zomg owsm new features?! WTF is wrong with you?!

        *kicks LJ*

  2. surakofb5 on

    Firefox + NoScript is my friend. It blocks the previews handily.

    Did you change jobs? You didn’t used to go to work so early.

    • No, I’m in training this week. Whence the unspeakably early hours. Apparently, our scriptblocker here doesn’t work, or I am missing a few addons at the office…

    • Yeah, I don’t see them at all at home, so I need to see what differences there are between installs…

  3. argh_jim on

    This has been going for a couple of months now, and I BELIEVE you can turn it off via your preferences….

  4. tharain on

    With you on that!

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