Shows where my brain’s at

The TVs in the office are all tuned, for some reason, to the Incredible Hulk marathon on SciFi going on today.

And all I can think of is and ‘s wedding. XD


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  1. billfl on


  2. bizarra on

    *snort* We were just talking about that the other day. LOL Our whole wedding was a bit on the surreal side. Which really.. totally fits. :)

    • Surreal enough to stun even Joe Straczynski! XD

      In the office today. The Hulk is on, and I can’t stop giggling, and finally someone asks the inevitable “What the hell is wrong with you?”

      Me: still giggling: “Just thinking about the time he crashed my best friend’s wedding.”

      He: “Oh. WHAT???” (as his face did a credible impersonation of a transmission being shifted into reverse, when you were going for fifth)

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