Oy, my back…

Took advantage of my time off from $EMPLOYER to visit a couple days with my friends Walt and Siobhan, their two children, and three oversized dogs who are convinced each of them that they’re really no more intimidating than a chihuahua.

Absinthe—prepared the traditional way with a sugar cube and a cold water drip—has been consumed. It’s lovely.

Golf was played. I shot two bogeys and a 74 at Kyber Run. Unfortunately the two bogeys were my *best* holes and the 74 was for nine holes, not eighteen. I reached a par-5 almost in the regulation three shots—a five iron off the tee, a five-iron out of the woods, and a five iron up close to the green. I then took three chips to get it up on the deck, and three putts to get it in the hole. Oh, well.

We talked–and this will hopefully be of interest to , , , and any other Vanguarders that I’m forgetting as I’m really exhausted—about the possibility of a 20th anniversary special issue for Vanguard Dossier in 2010.


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  1. avon_deer on

    I love Absinthe. :D

    • And I’m generally not much on anisette/liquorice. I tasted it ‘straight’ just to know what I was getting into, and it’s got a hard edge that is almost unpleasant. Once preparing it properly, though, it becomes a whole different thing.

      It really is a pleasure for the senses. The green of the un-watered liquid is magnificent, it smells great, it’s fun to prepare, the taste is out of this world… I suppose one could take aural pleasure in the pop of the cork, but four senses out of five aren’t bad. The pale green louche is just so silky on the tongue and pleasing to the nose and the flavor is fantastic, subtle and smooth. And it looks like a glass of liquid jade.

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