Hey look! It’s Squidface!

Because there’s no reason madness and universal death and destruction can’t be tie-dye and huggably soft.

A white with pastel highlights one is in the works for the OVFF charity auction. :)


7 comments so far

  1. argh_jim on

    That’s disturbingly cute, but mildly evil nonetheless, and possibly somewhat scratchy.

    Thumbs up here, although I have a soft spot (no pun intended) for the slippers.

    • Oh, it’s an acrylic, not a wool, so it’s soft. The OVFF one is out of baby yarn, so it’s not only disturbingly white and pastel, it’s also disturbingly cuddly. :)

  2. jayteeone on

    You have frightened me in the past, this goes beyond that. Cute and cuddly evil, is just…well…Evil!!!

  3. gorgeousgary on

    Oh…that’s not right… 8-)

  4. janis_and_co on

    Sweetie, I think you get a little weirder every day (not that this is a bad thing, mind…

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