Russell Davies is so damn lucky he’s leaving Doctor Who…

Finally finished watching the last of Season 30 (Season 4 to all of you with no sense of history).

It’s bloody well bad enough that Rose became a complete Mary Sue as soon as Tennant took over, and I rejoiced at her departure, especially at the idea we’d never have to see her and the Doctor making eyes at each other again. I got nothing against Billie Piper (unless the whole romantic angle was her idea), but I came to despise Rose by the end of Season 28.

It eased up a bit during Martha Jones’ tenure as companion, but there was still way too much “Oh, sorrowful lonely Doctor!” going on.

Donna (and her grandfather), I just love, and I love the way the Doctor finally started to loosen up. I wanted to see her stick around for a couple years. Best Companion since Ace and Captain Jack.

Now, I realize that in the world of Doctor Who, ‘forever’ means ‘until we need the character back for some reason’. And I was delighted to see Jackie and Mickey again, and there was nowhere near enough K-9, and why don’t they ever bring back one of the cool companions like Ace or Jamie or one of the Romanas (they can bring back the Master, they can bring back a Romana), and especially I love seeing more Captain Jack.

‘Scuse me a sec. Minor heart palpitations. Oh, Cap’n Jack…

Where was I? Oh, yeah. Sorry, I was think about Captain J… *ahem!*. Anyway. So I was resigned to seeing more of Herself after ‘Partners in Crime’, and even I have to admit that Rose with a big honking gun is at least an entertaining Rose.

But come on.

Mary Sue Tyler gets her very own human Doctor to take home with her—poor Mickey! Thrown over again, this time for a genocidal clone!—but Donna has her brains sucked out and reverts to being her original shallow self, forbidden to ever remember what she and The Doctor did. Funny, I don’t remember Rose being made to forget after, oh, ABSORBING THE TARDIS CORE!

Doctor Donna would have rocked. We could have at least kept that for a season.

Screw you, RTD. Screw you hard, fast, sideways, and without lube.

The only saving grace is that ‘forever’ means ‘until we need the character back for some reason’. And that RTD is leaving, hopefully taking his Mary Sue with him. Forever-forever, not TV-forever.

Russell, don’t let the script-room door hit you on the ass on your way out.


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  1. caindog on

    To be fair, they had to get rid of Donna somehow because Catherine Tate only wanted to do one year then move on.

    • This I didn’t know, but still. Blondie gets wish fulfillment but Mickey gets hosed again and Donna’s forcibly reverted to being a self-centered bitch. She should’ve been given a more dignified exit, allowed to keep her new sense of self-esteem.

      Bitter, I am.

  2. caindog on

    The rumor is that Mickey gets a job with a certain small group in Cardiff.

  3. avon_deer on

    Russell Davies is so damn lucky he’s leaving Doctor Who…

    I’d say for some time that we’re the lucky ones.

    I’ve been saying for some time:

    You’d not hang your wallpaper with porridge.
    You’d not use a cube of jelly to tighten up a screw.
    So why comission RTD to write sci-fi?

    • I can’t wait to see where it goes in Stephen’s hands. Woot!

      I haven’t heard this kind of hate since the JNT/Sixth Doctor years…

  4. chilayse on

    Maybe now that she has her own doctor clone she’ll go away?

  5. qthewetsprocket on

    i’m so glad i got spoiled for all the crap that was going to happen…much better for my blood pressure. i had time to steel myself against the stupid, so i wasn’t actually throwing things in the last five minutes of the episode.

    it’s hard to know where to start with all the things that were offensive about this episode – from rose’s selfish, childish, dangerously homicidal behavior being viewed as ‘romantic’, to the doctor’s ‘gift’ to rose being to make her a lifelong nursemaid to a ‘defective’ clone, to the fact that handjob!ten didn’t seem to need the same mindwipe as donna because he’s a man, and, well, of course a woman could never hold a man’s entire intellect in her poor tiny mind; good gods her head would asplode!

    the one thing i’m clinging to is how unbelievably flimsy the safeguard against donna ever remembering the doctor is – therefore it would be very easy to write her back in if catherine tate ever wanted to return (please please sweet gods of television). and if she’s biologically half time lord now, well, that’s gotta have some implications down the line.

    also, in my mind, blue boy went off with doctor!donna to have amazing adventures together. the adventures of donna noble the amazing half-human time lord and her perky companion alt!doctor is my own personal canon now.

    • Well, I’m willing to give the Time Lordiness brains a pass, on the theory that Romana’s brain could’ve fried Donna’s just as efficiently, and that the clone’s biomatrix is originally the Doctor’s (i.e., Gallifreyan) and modified by hers, not replaced by it.

      Damn, I can handwave with the best of ’em when I need to.

      I like the idea of Rose being saddled with a ‘broken’ Doctor. That actually makes me feel better. I love seeing Mickey back, now that he’s grown a set—one expects we’ll be seeing him on Torchwood now. Oh, jeez, Jack and Mickey… NO. BEHAVE, BRAIN.

      Also, check my brilliant friend Biz’s suggestion below re: Donna’s ring. :)

  6. bizarra on

    I was pissed too…But.. my reassurance is.. that I *think* Ten actually Fobwatched Donna into that ring that she was wearing. It sparkled for a reason. ;) That’s my canon and I’m sticking with it!! (And yes, Donna seriously is waay up there with Best. Companions. EVAR!

    • I have never been a Sarah Jane fan. I want to see them bring Ace back.

      Oh, jeez… Ace teaming up with the genocidal Doctor clone… THAT scares me!

      • No.

        LEELA and the genocidal Doctor clone. Eek.

        • gavinworld on

          One of my all-time favorite quotes is the Fourth Doctor asking Leela, “Must you kill everything you see?” Sarah Jane is my favorite companion, but Leela was the most entertaining.

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