Normally, I prefer to avoid spoilers. So I wasn’t looking for trouble when I stumbled across who was making an appearance on Sarah Jane Adventures later this year. Don’t click here if you want to be surprised.

I expect comments may be spoilerrific — you have been warned. I for one have been doing the happy fanboy dance all night long. :D


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  1. caindog on

    I’d heard about this bit of casting a couple of weeks ago when my friend Alan, who loves reading spoilers, found out and was thus able to use one of the only two exemptions I’d set up in the “no spoilers or I will severely kill you” rules: the guest casting of this particular actor or the return of K-9 to regular appearances in any “Who”-universe series. One down, one to go. (And it would be very, very nice if they could get this actor in a main series “Doctor Who” episode, too.)

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