So I finally got a digital converter for my TV. I don’t watch enough that it warrants buying a whole new system.

I’m sold. I love having a 24-hour weather channel again, even if it is ad-heavy, and the reception really *is* a lot better. I’m still not likely to watch that much more TV, but at least it’ll look good when I do.


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  1. surakofb5 on

    I’m confused. Do you have cable? Where did you get the 24-hour weather?

    The downside to digital is that when there’s interference, the signal tends to drop out completely. But it does look good.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      It’s on channel 4.2 — NBC runs it. Just open-air, I have 4, 4.2 (NBC Weather), 6, 6.2 (MYTV-“family” programming during the day, anime overnight), 10, 28, 34, 34.2 (Ohio Channel — sort of a Buckeye C-SPAN), 34.3 (seems to be PBS Cooking Channel), and sometimes 53. That pretty much serves all my purposes. And, I’ll be able to watch the PGA Championship this weekend, and the Ryder Cup next month!

  2. thattallguy201 on

    You did get your…

    federal rebate, right??

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