In regards to Obama-Biden

Color me satisfied. Biden adds foreign policy experience to balance the newness factor, gravitas to balance the ‘rock star’ factor, and a nice healthy streak of moderate-left attack dog politics to balance the ‘nice guy’ factor.

Clinton supporters: yes, you’re disappointed. Now get over yourselves. McCain is NOT preferable to Obama, and you know it.

Edit: In the interests of full disclosure, my first pick in the Veepstakes was Bill Richardson.

It also occurs to me that the choice of Biden says something about the depth at which Obama looks — he’s not letting Biden’s infamous ‘clean’ remark from early in the campaign be an obstacle (which the press made way too much of anyway).


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  1. chilayse on

    Biden is one of my senators! See I told you we’re really a state! (Just kidding..though you’d be surprised how often I get questioning looks when I say I’m from delaware. Maybe people will know where it is now..)

    • johnpalmer on

      I know you’re kidding, because I grew up in Philly and we knew Delaware wasn’t really a state… we lived in the “Delaware valley” we were told, and… okay, this is a long, complicated story about childhood reasoning, and I’ll just stop here :-).

      • chilayse on

        In Indiana they thought I meant I lived in delaware county. no? Delaware city?

        Best of all two college seniors: Delaware? that up by Alaska?

        • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

          Delaware is also a county and smallish city twenty miles north of here. :)

          • chilayse on

            There’s something like a dozen Delaware Cities in the US. The Delaware City I was referring to was the one in Ohio actually. ^-^ I lived about 30-45 min away from the Ohio border. Now I’m about…5 hours away from the EASTERN Ohio border.

  2. johnpalmer on

    The interesting thing is, I heard it said that Clinton herself indicated that she wasn’t interested in the #2 spot. But I’m sure there are some who are going to insist that there’s nothing more horrible in this world than Obama not offering her the veep spot.

    Oh, re: McCain is not preferable to Obama, aren’t you damning with faint praise? Arguably, McCain is not preferable to a case of the clap… a week of antibiotics cures that.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Well, yes, but they’re still ostensibly on our side, I didn’t want to say what I was *really* thinking about the hardcore ones. I mean, I’m used to my primary choice not being the nominee–it wasn’t in ’84, ’88, ’92, or ’04. In ’96, there was no one but Clinton and Lyndon Larouche on the ballot, and in ’00, there was no one left but Gore by the time things rolled around to Ohio.

  3. skjam on

    I’m wondering if McCain will go with a woman in a desperate move to even out the “minority appeal.”

    Ms. Rice will be looking for a job soon, I’m told.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Yes, but his best hope is to go with someone like Olympia Snowe — which would have the practical effect of telling the social conservatives (who already don’t trust him) to stay home this fall. I mean, if he picks a pro-choice Republican (there still being two or three left), that burnishes his ‘maverick’ image and gives him credit with the independents. It also means the Christofascist wing of the party, that twisted 25% who still think that Dumbass walks on water, will not have any reason to turn out in November. If he picks a Kool-ade drinker to please them, he alienates the independents.

      Ms Rice should have been looking for a job a long time ago. She’s been the most useless and invisible head of Foggy Bottom since William Rogers under Nixon and Kissinger.

  4. pantherwill on

    Not a big fan of Biden, here, but it could’ve been much worse.

    That said, I’m putting five bucks on McCain picking Bobby Jindal as his VP.

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