Ramping back up again

Inasmuch as things are rapidly becoming untenable over at LJ, I think it’s time I start seriously moving over here.


Re: Obama-Biden — color me satisfied. I’d been hoping for Bill Richardson, but this’ll do. I’m impressed that the pick was made regardless of the whole overblown ‘clean’ kerfuffle in the early parts of the campaign.

Re: McCain-Palin — color me unimpressed. If he had gone with someone like Olympia Snowe or Christie Todd Whitman, I’d’ve taken it seriously, but instead he makes an obvious play for the Hillary vote, by choosing someone whose presence on the ticket undercuts his whole “Obama is too unprepared” tactic. Let’s face it, he’s 72. His #2 needs to be able to hit the ground running. I am also annoyed that he deliberately dropped the anouncement on top of Obama’s acceptance speech, in a display of politics of the most cynical sort. That’s just rude.

It continues to amaze me that this race is even close.

Eight years ago, the GOP had control of both houses of Congress and the White House, and were handed off a record surplus, an economy that was slacking a little but still solid, and essentially loads of peace and prosperity.

They turned it into:

  • record deficits
  • two wars — one they should be fighting but are ignoring and one they chose to lie the country into
  • an economy hobbled by unspeakable oil prices, credit crises and stagnant wages, and
  • a near total lack of respect for America overseas
They’ve treated torture as permissible and habeas corpus as dispensible.

They foment fear, not because there’s anything to be afraid of, but because fear makes the human animal malleable.

They preach division and hatred in the name of their god, whom I desperately wish would just point his hand down from the clouds directly at the White House and yell, “ENOUGH ALREADY! LEAVE ME OUT OF THIS!”

Even taking the blatant bias of the media toward the GOP into account, are Americans really that easily led astray? Just running the numbers tells you what happens–they were handed a country that was working well, and they broke it.

No more years. We’re going to be long enough cleaning up the mess they’ve already created.


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