WTF is this NOW?

I happened to see my LJ page without being logged in, and there’s this huge-ass ADVERTISEMENT running down the whole right side of the page!

I did NOT agree to having ads run on my LJ!

I’m giving it until I get a response from the LJ team, or a week, whichever comes first. If there is no answer, or the answer is not satisfactory, I’m outta here.

Just when I thought LJ couldn’t do anything dumber than they’ve already done…


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  1. avon_deer on

    This has been coming for some time now. LJ has become steadily more corporate since the sale to 6A. Censorship is MY biggest gripe.

  2. caindog on

    It’s only visible if you’re not logged in so they’re really only bombarding the folks that haven’t yet signed up for an LJ account. I logged out just long enough to be shown the ads on my page so I could tell Firefox to block all images from those domains. (Suck on it, 6A.)

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Even so. It’s the continual breaking and re-breaking of the ‘no ads’ promise, and doing it with no warning and no input. I only found out because the snapshot of my journal that shows up on my Ravelry account.

  3. chilayse on

    Ads? o.o

    *goes to log out and see*

    Edit: Apparently my paid account status makes for no advertisements on my journal even if logged out but i see the bigass sidebar when I browse to your journal logged out however it is gone when I log in. This is what a paid user sees.

    (Which kinda annoys me… they’re making it to where only paid users see no ads?!)

  4. joecoustic on

    They’ve had info on it in the “news” community over the last month or so. They were knew they were in trouble over not offering the “basic” non ad level anymore to new members. Their solution was to let new members join at “plus” and then have the option to change once a member to “basic”. The drawback (to those of us at basic level) is that anyone who is not logged in will see a “basic” journal with ads. “Basic” level has no ads when viewers are logged in. This is their solution to keep ad revenue coming in but still let new members get the basic level.

    I’m not happy either but I stopped thinking of lj in that cool, all in it together community, way a long time ago. I won’t leave but this just added to my decisions last year to not pay or commit myself in any way. This was a solution that was directed towards bringing in new people instead of leaning towards those already here – and still manage to start those new members at an ad receiving level that most won’t ever bother to change. Corporate mindset *sigh* .

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