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My resolution is to post everywhere I have a presence, now that I’ve left LJ over their latest asshattery involving ads. And I seem to have different personæ depending on where I post. On my InsaneJournal account, I’m combative. On Ravelry (a site I cannot recommend highly enough for my fellow knitters and crocheters) I’m playful. Here, I tend towards the contemplative for some reason.

So, contemplations on the end of another Ohio Valley Filk Fest, which must lead off with how disappointed I was to not see suburbanbanshee this year bearing, as I was for her, tentative news of the writing project to which we both belonged many a moon ago. Really, an OVFF with neither her nor Tucker. It’s just not proper! Although it did help that sorely-missed Steve Macdonald was back this year.

Since this is being written in erratic intervals over several hours of Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning, we now dispense with ‘contemplative’ and commence with ‘stray thoughts here and there’.

I hadn’t really touched my bass in about a month and a half in the run-up to the convention, but it seemed to matter little. As soon as I had it in hand, I knew what I was about. It’s a really wonderful and slightly creepy feeling, like someone lurking in the creative corners of my brain just needs to feel the heft of it to take over.

I really have almost no idea what I sound like in concert. For a while, the issue was stage fright—I was so horrified of the prospect of sounding a bad note, I tried to listen to myself in the third person, disassociate myself from any mistake that might occur. I probably went to OVFF five or six times before I dared actually play in the Sunday Jam, and I remember being tentative that first time, like an acrophobe opening one eye to look out over a cliff’s edge.

Once I learned to trust myself (or at least to glide to the note I wanted in a way that made it sound like I Meant To Do That), then I started doing what I was supposed to be doing when playing in a group: listening to what was going on around me.

So I really have no idea what I sound like ‘in concert’. I got complimented several times, so at least I didn’t suck. I know that if anyone has a recording of the 2000 OVFF jam (or just about any other, really, but 2000 in particular), I want a copy.

Still working on the ‘singing in public’ edition of my stage fright. I almost did it this year, but the Jam was moving along so steadily, I didn’t get to work one in—not that I was trying that hard, coward that I am, though I did vamp a little on the ‘Werewolves of London’ bass line during an extended stretch between songs. I been hitting the “ah-WOOOO!!”s pretty cleanly this week. I have no idea why I’ve never heard that song played in the OVFF Jam. I mean, it’s dead simple D-C-G progression, though the vocal rhythm is situated awkwardly vis-à-vis the guitar/keyboard rhythm. Got into some tasty harmonies, though.

I’m happy to see other bassists showing up now, too—it was getting kinda lonely there for a while, and I can recall a couple years where I was the only one. Got to try an upright acoustic. That is a completely different animal than my Fender Jazz clone. Barry Childs-Helton brought a fantabulous five-string fretless I got to twiddle with. Ohh, my. I’m rethinking both fretless, and five-strings.

I was surprised that, given the number of filkers who knit, there is no filking group on Ravelry.

Two pieces in the auction. Both went multiple bids, first time that’s happened! The piano scarf two years ago went for its base bid. Ditto the small white lacy crocheted Dalek. This year, I had a larger ‘advanced model’ crocheted Dalek in red with black louvers and grey bumps and stitched on pieces for the speaking lights and eyes and manipulator and death ray, and a knit 7bp stretch of DNA, and both almost went to the floor for auction. One of these years—maybe for OVFF25 next October—I’ll make one of the Doctor Who scarves. One hopes that would trigger an epic floor fight. :)

I may start going to Marcon again, just because it sucks only seeing everyone just once a year. Heck, if I get a real job (and a car), I might even start slipping out to some of the other filk cons. I like being the accompanist. I can play on just about everything, without taking up someone else’s turn in the circle!

Which still brings me to my continual failure to successfully write music. Typically, I can come up with just one verse (that usually hits me hard at a very inopportune moment) and then I’m stuck for anything past that. Once, a single verse got picked up and run with. But I’ve decided not to stress about it. I’ll keep collecting single verses until I have enough to paste together into something. Or maybe something complete will come to me. But it still strikes me as odd that I can write, and I think well, and I can play several instruments, at least one of which with some skill, but I so far can’t combine the two.


Oh, anyway: why ‘Oww!’ as in the title of this post? My fingers hurt!


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  1. suburbanbanshee on

    Sorry I missed you. I’ve needed to gafiate, bad; I skipped Millenicon and Marcon, too. But next year I’ll probably be back in the swing of things.

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