Cheers and huzzah!

Among my many faults is that I am a lover of low-budget “B” movies. Roger Corman, Ed Wood, Bert I. Gordon… okay, “C”, “D” and all the way down to “Z” movies. My video rack is a study in contrasts. Amadeus and Glen or Glenda?, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Dark Star, Contact and Plan Nine from Outer Space.

There exists a director, Larry Blamire, who makes… well, they’re hard to describe. They’re part parody, part homage to those great B movies. Which reminds me, o Suburban Banshee, that I still need to inflict upon show you his first movie, The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra. I meant to the year you showed me Ночной дозор, but we got sidetracked. :)

He’s since come out with Johnny Slade’s Greatest Hits (which is now my favorite mob movie), Trail of the Screaming Forehead (which was mentioned as a ‘Coming Soon!’ at the very end of Lost Skeleton), the recently-released sequel to Lost Skeleton, The Lost Skeleton Returns Again, and in post production is his ‘haunted house on a hill’ movie, Dark and Stormy Night.

There was an additional title lurking out there: Voyage to the Planet of Space. Now there’s another: The Restroom.

As a genre fan, let me just say this: woo hoo!


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