In the news!

Well, the Columbus Dispatch promised to let us know before the story went to press… there’s more’n one reason I call it the Distort.

Anyways, a certain guy was interviewed and photographed showing off the Season 14 Doctor Who scarf he’s working on in the 9/15 edition.


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  1. […] September 17, 2009 I know a good number of knitters are out there in the blogosphere. So it may interest you that the Rev. Sherwood Forrester is the headliner of a local news story on Men Who Knit. […]

  2. suburbanbanshee on

    Very cool pics and story!

    I’m coming to OVFF this year, so bring Cadavra and I’ll bring the Icelandic gaming movie. :)

  3. suburbanbanshee on

    PS. Sorry to hear about your job.

    PPS. Dude, what’s with the discrimination in that story? Do they do stories on women mechanics and feel the need to add “gay and straight”? One sad flaw in a good story.

    PPPS. So, how long is your 4th Doctor scarf going to be?

    PPPPS. I have to admit that pun in the headline is inspired.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Re: PS: I’m not. It was driving me right out of my mind.

      Re: PPS: I dunno. Although it’s probably a point worth making, as Joe Average probably would assume that a man who knits is gay. I mean, sure, *I* am, but that doesn’t go for all of us, not even in just our group in Clintonville.

      Re: PPPS: You’ll see for yourself, it’s what I’m bringing for the Interfilk auction. :D

      Re: PPPPS: The only thing wrong with it is that I didn’t think of it first!

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