Change we need indeed.

Congratulations 2009 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, President Barack Obama!

A sitting president has not won the Peace Prize since Woodrow Wilson in 1919–although Charles Dawes won while vice-president in 1925.

I like the Nobel committee’s rationale: this was awarded for returning to a policy of coöperation and international coördination, such a welcome change from a foreign policy that could shattered international friendships and created more terrorists than it killed. This is a connected world. We cannot act unilaterally anymore, and when we engage with our brother and sister nations, we must do so honestly.

I think it fair to say that the Nobel Committee acted more out of hope than history, but I think that having America back as an honest player was such a relief, they let themselves get carried away a little. I do believe that President Obama is worthy of the award and will (continue to) prove so over the next several years.


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