OVFF is coming up too fast!

And I think I’m something almost approaching ready.

Just finished—literally just in the last ten minutes—is this year’s donation to the Interfilk auction: a Doctor Who scarf done to Season 14 specifications. Yeah, it’s the shortest of them, but it’s still 12′ long (and will lengthen with wear). If I can find my fershlugginer camera, I’ll get a picture up. If you see my post below about being in the paper, you can see a picture of it while it was being worked on.

Edit: Found a camera, took a picture. Please ignore the fat schlub modeling and focus on the scarf. :D

Been ramping up my practicing. filk.com internet radio and XM57 The Grateful Dead Channel simplify the process for me. I can just turn them on and try to keep up whether I already know the song or not. Hardly matters one way or the other, since I can’t read music, either I memorize a piece or I pick it up as we go along.

One of the weird things is that certain songs are just yanking my heart right out. I can’t hear them without tearing up… and I know they’ll be performed at OVFF. For whatever reason, my emotions have been real close to the surface lately.

It’s not that I’ve been on edge and blowing up randomly. It’s that for whatever reason, songs like ‘Hope Eyrie’ and ‘Strange Messenger’ and ‘Rich Fantasy Lives’ have been just digging down deep into me and, well, I get teary. Not sad, just emotional. Maybe a little bitterness, relative to ‘Hope Eyrie’, when I think about what we could have done in space by now versus what we have done in space.

‘A Boy And His Frog’ doesn’t count. Everyone cries at that. I question the humanity of anyone who can listen to that and not cry–at least of anyone who grew up on Henson.

Anyway, yeah, I guess I’m ready. I actually got pre-reg this year for the first time ever. ‘Course, it’s getting to be an expensive proposition, especially when you’re laid off. But I wouldn’t miss OVFF for anything, even if I have to bus as close as I can and bike the rest of the way.

I can not recall the first OVFF I went to. 1991 at the latest (I know I haven’t missed one since then), but I might’ve gone in the late 80s once or twice. Alas, creeping senility… you know you’re getting old when Tom Smith’s “ConValescence” goes from funny to plausible. ;)


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